We are still here

Hi all! Yes we are still here we're just silent :) BBLog works good as it is, there is nothing big to improve or fix currently, so we don't push out new updates in the next time. Star Wars: Battlefront will also not be released in Battlelog so no new game in this year for us to watch. Next game in the battlelog is unknown so we just can wait right now. We reached nearly 6 million downloads, how cool is that? So, just a quick note from us for all that think we are inactive, we are here, we are active, we're watchin :) So, happy summer holidays for all out there, chill while drinkin drinks and all that stuff.

Version 4.8.0 out now

Hi! Version 4.8.0 has been released and a lot of BF Hardline features are now integrated. Check out the new features directly in the bblog options or the following video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiW9gg-mBBI Greetz Roland

Update 4.7.0 out now - With Battlefield Hardline Support

Hi! Right now the version 4.7.0 with basic battlefield hardline support is out now. Full changelog listed, as always, here: http://getbblog.com/en/changelog Have fun, and more will come soon. Greetz Roland

DEV Update - Partial BF Hardline Support

With this update bblog has been enabled on BF Hardline pages in battlelog. You can start with making emblems, adding plugins or themes.

Bugfix Release 4.6.1

Today we released a minor bugifx release that fixed several bugs that have been introduced with the new battlelog update from 24.01.2015.

Merry Christmas 2014 and best wishes

Hi BBLog Community! I wish happy holidays and some good days, with family or friends. As you maybe have noticed i am a little bit busy so BBLog haven't got noticable updates since a few weeks. Next big update is expected for BF Hardline release, early 2015, as the current information says. So, see you next year and stay tuned with us. Nearly 5 and a half million downloads, that's what i expect from a christmas present :) Greetz Roland