Version 4.6.0 released - Theme Gallery now integrated

Today we changed our theme implementation and now we support the new theme gallery.
If you are a theme creator you now can upload your own themes as easy as you can upload your own plugins, if you are a plugin developer.
Let me know if you find any bugs related to this feature.

Dev Version out now - New theme gallery

We have released a new dev version for the new theme gallery.
It follows the plugin gallery where now everybody can upload themes and plugins on
Let me know if you find any bugs related to this feature.

Theme Gallery Soft Launch

Hi all!

Today we've soft launched the theme gallery.

We now support uploading your own themes in the same way as we integrated it for plugins.
The gallery is currently only available on - The integration in BBLog is in progress.

To all theme creators - Upload your theme to the new theme gallery.
The old theme administration tool will be removed in the future.

If you have any feedback, let me know it here.


Server issues 01.10.2014

Today we experience some server problems.
We're working on it.

BBLog 4.5.0 out now

We've released a new version with some cool new stuff.
The brand new BBLog plugin gallery give you the power of plugins with one click.
With the plugin and theme text editor, directly in BBLog, you can create your own things in a very easy way.
Auto collapsed quotes make reading in forums more fluid.
Our Teamspeak 3 will give you a free instrument to talk with your buddies.

How the new features look like?

BBLog DEV out now

Another DEV update with some new stuff in it.

* optimized plugin/theme editor
* optimized plugin gallery
* added forums auto collapse
* added bblog teamspeak icon