DEV BBLog released - Testing fix for FF30

A moment ago i released a new DEV version that fixes, hopefully, the Firefox 30+ bug with BBLog.
I need some test results:

* If you use FF v30+, report if BBLog work again and correct, especially the stored settings
* If you use FF before v30/Chrome/Opera, report if BBLog work still fine and all settings are still saved correctly

There was a need of big changes in the core to fix this issue.
Firefox 30 and BBLog up to 4.1.1 not working
Firefox Aurora 30 was released and after compatibility tests for BBLog i have seen that BBLog is not working anymore for this firefox version because they changed something in the plugin API.

Well, most people don't use such nightly builts for firefox, so for the most of you this bug will not affect you.

I work on a fix.
BBLog 4.1.1 out now
A new small release that changes only a few parts and fixes a few bugs. Read the changelog for more information.
BBLog 4.1.0 out now
A new release that introduce the well known weapon list filters by category from BF3, in BF4. Also it contains some minor fixes.
BBLog 4.0.0 out now - Major Release
Today we have our 4th major release of BBLog. With this release comes a complete new interface for BBLog options and a handful new features. Checkout the changelog for all changes.
BBLog 3.9.0 out now
Today we proud to push out this new update. It contains a lot of new stuff and several fixes. Check out the changelog.