BBLog 4.5.0 out now

We've released a new version with some cool new stuff.
The brand new BBLog plugin gallery give you the power of plugins with one click.
With the plugin and theme text editor, directly in BBLog, you can create your own things in a very easy way.
Auto collapsed quotes make reading in forums more fluid.
Our Teamspeak 3 will give you a free instrument to talk with your buddies.

How the new features look like?

BBLog DEV out now

Another DEV update with some new stuff in it.

* optimized plugin/theme editor
* optimized plugin gallery
* added forums auto collapse
* added bblog teamspeak icon

BBLog DEV now with Plugin Gallery and Plugin/Theme Editor

Hi all!

A fresh new dev update is out now.
We've integrated the BBLog Plugin Gallery.

Also we've added a built in plugin editor and a built in theme/css editor.

Have fun with it, test it, give feedback.

Here are 2 vids for theme and plugin editor

BBLog Plugin Gallery - Soft Launch

Hi all!

Today we've launched a new feature on BBLog.
The plugin gallery.

Everybody can add new BBLog plugins to the gallery.
The whole gallery will also be integrated into BBLog in the future.

But as of now, you can fill the gallery with your generated plugins.
Together we can make a cool new feature for the community.

In the future the user can select the gallery directly in battlelog, no need of code anymore, no need of JS urls anymore. Simple and easy.

Also for the plugin creators, we can track the plugin usage for the last 24h and you have a idea of how much your plugin have been active used. As i said, that's future music, but it comes.

Let's go, have fun with it.

A call to all plugin creator's that already have a plugin topic here on

Add your plugin to the gallery as well, in the future i'll remove the "Plugin" features from the topics, this means the "One Click Install" button, all focus for ready to use plugins should from now be in the gallery. The forums is now just for feedback and discussions.

If you found bugs in the Plugin Gallery or the Upload process? Post it here!

BBLog 4.4.0 out now

Today we released a new version for BBLog. It comes with some new features and minor improvements. Main point is the integration of the BBLog forums into battlelog forums. This will help people, that don't visit our board often, to find support. We just added to the main forums page in battlelog a new Better Battlelog section that lists our main subforums. A click on it will lead you to our forums.


* added BBLog forum integration
* added unlocks page improvements
* added awards page improvements
* added assignments page improvements

Brand New BBLog Signature Banners

Today we've just created some BBLog Signature Banners for your Battlefield Soldier.
You can find the link in your personal account settings, beside the signature editor, here in the board.
You can also use this signature everywhere else.
Have fun with it.