Emblem gallery shutdown

Hi fans! Today i've shut down the emblem gallery. Unfortunetely people not stop posting racism, terrorism and other idiotic/violating flags and emblems. I'm tired of sorting out the emblem gallery every day. As we are now on a point where BBLog usage fall down constantly, there is no point of put in that much effort for this feature. Sorry for all valuable users that posted really cool emblems and artworks, you've made that BBLog feature as cool as it was. So, that's it for now. Greetz Roland

End of development cycle for Better Battlelog!

First, don't panic, BBLog is still available and will be until the last Battlelog user will hoist the flag. I decided to stop development for Better Battlelog. The reason is pretty simple, the userbase shrink every day because of the outrunning battlelog system. Better Battlelog work pretty great since a long time, without known bugs or awaiting features. So, developing new things make no real sense anymore. There already tons of features in the addon. I'm still here, i'm still watching, also parts of the team are still active and watching, you can expect support until the very end. On the other hand, there is a new extension for the new companion system for BF1. https://greaterfield.com Have a nice day. Greetz Brain

TS Server Shutdown

Hi @ll! I shutdown our Teamspeak server with end of January 2017. The teamspeak server was used by ~30 people peak at a day. After some years, i decided to shut the server down. Several reasons led me to that decision. There are so many alternatives out there, so i should not be a problem for you to find another chat provider. This doesn't affect the website, only the TS. Cya Brain Foo Long

Version 4.9.2 - Firefox Web Extension Release

Hi! Today i've released a new version for firefox user's that use the web extensions technology instead of weird native XUL based stuff. It is a breaking release. All current installed version will not be updated automatically. You have to do that manually. Download and install it via the download button. Older version will still work but will never get automatic updates. Install the new version from our website, after that point you will again receive automatic updates. You can migrate the settings from old version to the new with the "import/export" buttons in the bblog menu in battlelog. We cannot automate this. Also, you may notice that, when you have bblog already installed, you will see BBLog multiple times in your addons. Make sure that you manually delete the old version (export settings first). Technical reason is that we use a new addon UUID because of the all new technology. Technically the old and the new version are different addons. BBLog is not dead, it've just reached a specific point of perfection :) PS: Nevermind the 9.9.9 version in the BBLog menu, it's a cool bug :)

Greaterfield - The new "BBLog" for companion and BF forums

Well, i can't get my hands off this franchise... I started development of a new extension for companion and the new forums. It's called... Greaterfield Don't know why this name, it comes to my mind first, so i took that. What will be different to Better Battlelog? In general, all. It's a whole new extension, fresh from scratch. I really don't know what will come and what i will do. All new development circle With BBLog i fully controlled the development of BBLog. This will change, somehow. Greaterfield is designed from scratch to collaborate on GitHub. All themes and plugins will also be hosted on GitHub for a seamless developer experience. The changes that made the step into the extension are controlled by me, in the first place. Maybe this will change. Super-Raw-Early-Stage You can get your hands on, right now. Theme support is implemented, pretty raw and dirty, but it should work. The roadmap will be shown in the issues and wiki of github. https://github.com/brainfoolong/greaterfield A homepage also exist, but it will be pretty simple a will not contain any forums at all.

Maybe, i re-consider an extension for BF companion and the new forums...

Today, i took a deeper look into web companion and the new battlefield forums. And it definetely reminds me to the beginning of battlelog. The service is not optimized and missing a LOT of features. So, there is a lot of potential to improve it. And also with 2.5k online users in the forums the userbase is quite big. Should i start making something like "Better Web Battlefield"? Hmmmm.... To be honest, i don't know what i should do...