[BF3/BF4/BFH][v1.7][27.06.2016] Show Map Rotation

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Show Map Rotation by

☰ About :

This plug in shows the map rotation of each server as small map icons on the server browser. A must-have plugin for battlelog! This is the most used plugin of BBlog!

☰ Preview :

- Show maps in rotation on servers
- Map rotation slideshow on click
- Map name & mode as tooltip
- Style same as the avatars
- Blue style on current map
- Works on BF3, BF4 & BFH
Server Browser
(BF3 / BF4 / BFH)

Server Browser Popup Modal
(BF3 / BF4 / BFH)

☰ Nerd Stuff :

v 1.7
- BFH support added
v 1.6
- CPU overload bug found and fixed
v 1.5
- Style fixes (on style errors caused by bblog v4.5)
v 1.4
- Several fixes pointed out by BrainFooLong (
- Quality code fixes
- Added minified version of the script
v 1.3
- Rewrited bblog import code
- Also works on favourites & history
- CSS optimizations
- Added BF3 support
- Fixed chat bug
v 1.2
- Map rotation slideshow on image click
v 1.1
- Firefox images fix
- images optimizations
- ajax fixes
- css improvements
v 1.0
- First release
- BF3: current map cannot always be specified (BF3 set as current every map based on title, so if you play metro, and the map rotations is 3 metro all are set as current)

☰ PlugIn Links :

(The plugin is also available in the PlugIn Gallery. You are adviced to load it from the Gallery.)
Full Code

Minified Code

Full Code

Minified Code

☰ Other Links :

Now available on Github:
That is pretty cool. I like the idea!
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WasserGrosskatze wrote:
this plugin has some options to turn on?

No, it has no option to turn on.

Please delete it from your plugins, and install it from the one-click button.
Then check again.

If it still don't work please report me your browser (name - version) and sent me a message with the console report (on your browser : F12 -> Console )

One-click button no longer exist. Please use bblog's plug-in gallery to install it.
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It has a small bug where it is not working if your have a chat on.
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I don't see any error from my script BUT there are some errors from other Chrome addons you have install. Try this, disable all your chrome addons exept from BBLog and try again...

If this works, one of your addons is messing with battlelog's code.
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This plugin contains a lot of bugs that make it in most cases unusable.

Bugs i've found

* Only work on native english pages (, pages with the language in the url doesn't work (
* There are much unitialized variables which is not allowed in strict javascript code.
RAW Text
for(page in ...)
must be
for(var page in ...)

Before you use a variable the first time you need to initliaze it with
RAW Text
var myvar = ...

* instance.checkIf.loggedIn() is not required - BBLog only will be initialized when the user is already logged in.
* To check in which mode the page is you just need this
RAW Text
BBLog.cache("mode") // return bf4,bf3,mohw,bfh

I recommend to inactivate the plugin in the plugin gallery and work on fixes.
Plugins in plugin gallery should only be well tested.

I tested in chrome and i tried several changes in the code to make it working, but everytime a new error appears.
- All software made by the better battlelog guy
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BrainFooLong, i believe everything is fixed. Check it out...
I am waiting for your approval to enable it on the Plugin Gallery.
Works in chrome without errors in my test.
- All software made by the better battlelog guy
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Me and Darkthanos created this plugin because we felt like this was a necessary feature that battlelog lucks... Now, i just can't choose a server without it...

I can see that there are 700 users per day using this addon... maybe it should be in BetterBattleLog's main code or default on?

@ BrainFooLong: I talked to DarkThanos and we agreed that if you want to implement it in BBLog (and improve it) you should go ahead.
It's a good plugin and it's better to let it as a plugin.
Simply because there is a lot of work in this plugin and you deserve it that it is the most used plugin.

To integrate it into bblog this will cost me a lot of time, the code of the plugin is 20% of the whole bblog code :)

I don't have much time for bblog since a year or so, therefore i created the plugin and theme system to keep bblog active even if i have less time.

- All software made by the better battlelog guy
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Even with your narrow time limits, you manage to keep BBLog alive... thats hard and everybody knows it :)