Donate and help Better Battlelog

First of all, you don't need to donate. BBLog is free and will always be free. But if you want to help, you can do that.

Donation, why?
Well, it's simple. To keep BBLog alive, it costs money. Server Billings, Domain Billings. Currently I pay everything from my own pocket. I have fixed monthly costs of about 30€. I don't want to talk about the countless hours that I've put into BBLog because it's my hobby, I do it for the community. So, every single donation will help me a lot to pay the bills.

Donation, how?
Just click on the donate button to donate any amount to my paypal account. If you don't have paypal and you want to donate, contact me here in the board (BrainFooLong).


Please Donate To Bitcoin Address: [[address]]

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