Better Battlelog Download and Installation

Get it for Firefox Get it for Chrome Get it for Opera 15+
You can also download the developer channel version. Notice that this version probably contain bugs, probably will destroy your battlelog or wipe your BBLog settings randomly. Only use it if you know what you are doing
DEV Channel v4.9.2.0 Firefox DEV Channel v4.9.2.0 Chrome DEV Channel v4.9.2.0 Opera 15+

Installation - Firefox

1. Click on the download button for your browser and allow the installation.

Installation - Opera

1. Click on the download button for your browser.
It's possible that your browser shows a permission denied message that the addon cannot be installed. It's also possible that you must accept the file download (bottom download bar). If you can't download the file for any reason, use right-click -> save link as. If you still have problems with the download, use another browser to download the file, sounds weird but it helps.
2. Open the extension manager.
Goto "Settings -> Tools -> Extensions".
3. Drag & Drop the downloaded CRX file to the extension window.
The extension window should display "Drop to Install" when you drag the file into the extension window, before you release the mouse button. If all works great the browser should ask you for the addon permissions, you must accept it. If your browser says that it's not allowed to install addons from this webpage, you need to completely restart your browser and then start from step 2.

Known Issues

  1. Make sure that you're NOT on the https:// version of battlelog. BBLog is disabled on this protocol.

Known Issues - Firefox

Contextmenu doesn't work
  1. Goto Firefox Settings -> Tab "Content" -> Click on "Extended" beside "JavaScript enabled" checkbox -> Enable the option "Disable or replace context menus"
Possible Solutions when BBLog is active in addon manager but doesn't work on battlelog
  1. You must allow firefox to create history. Goto Settings -> Privacy -> History -> Choose Allow/Create (Required to store/get your BBLog settings).
  2. Goto your addon manager and deactivate all addons except BBLog and try again.
  3. Try it with a real fresh firefox profile. Therefore close firefox, press + R and launch "firefox.exe -p". Here you can create a new profile.
  4. If it's still not working, goto our board and ask for help.


07.12.2015 - version 4.9.1 /
* updates for new secure https links to api
* fixed bug with wrong weapon and vehicle stats bfstats links

30.07.2015 - version 4.9.0 /
* new firefox version required because if forced extension signed by mozilla
* added bfh local comments
* added clan tags in scoreboard
* fixed cyrillic search in weapon and vehicle filters

21.03.2015 - version 4.8.0 /
* added a lot bf hardline features
* fixed emblem overlay image

16.03.2015 - version 4.7.0 /
* added basic battlefield hardline support (more to come in coorperation with and
* added bf hardline emblem gallery
* changed all bblog checkboxes to 'switches' for better userbility
* fixed sorting of themes/plugins in the bblog options
* fixed several emblem upload errors
* minor layout fixes

03.02.2015 - dev version
* added partial battlefield hardline support

27.01.2015 - version 4.6.1
* fixed emblem gallery upload
* fixed history graphs
* many translation updates in russian language

29.10.2014 - version 4.6.0
* added new theme gallery and removed old theme chooser
* improved link in text feature for comments

21.10.2014 - dev version
* added new theme gallery and removed old theme chooser
* improved link in text feature for comments

19.09.2014 - version 4.5.0
* added BBLog Plugin Gallery
* added plugin editor
* added theme/css editor
* added bblog teamspeak icon
* added auto collapse quotes in forums

15.09.2014 - dev version
* added bblog teamspeak icon
* added auto collapse quotes in forums

12.09.2014 - dev version
* added BBLog Plugin Gallery
* added plugin editor
* added theme/css editor

04.09.2014 - version 4.4.0
* added BBLog forum integration
* added unlocks page improvements
* added awards page improvements
* added assignments page improvements

19.08.2014 - dev version
* added BBLog Forum Integration

16.07.2014 - version 4.3.1
* BF4 weapon filter category updates - now we use internal battlelog categories to be consistent with battlelog
* emblem editor fixed after you've imported a new emblem - currently it have broken the editor (especially the delete buttons)

16.06.2014 - version 4.3.0
* emblem gallery tags
* emblem gallery color search
* emblem gallery improvements and fixes
* minor improvements and code updates

19.05.2014 - version 4.2.0
* added bblog emblem gallery to BF4, BF3 and MOH:W
* minor improvements and code updates

02.05.2014 - version 4.1.3
* fixed bblog not loading properly in some cases

25.04.2014 - version 4.1.2
* fixed firefox 30+ bblog not working

26.03.2014 - version 4.1.1
* fixed filterset to not reset the expand status of the filterbox
* bblog rank calculation changed for bf4 because the battlelog system is not clear anymore for high level players
* enabled inline images and inline youtubes for bf4 platoons

19.02.2014 - version 4.1.0
* added categorized weapon filter to bf4
* fixed soldier radar entries in bblog options not linking to the correct profile page
* fixed soldier radar not saving the players name - works from now for all newly added soldiers
* fixed bug that removes the first vehicle in the right detail container in the vehicle stats page
* minor code improvements

28.01.2014 - version 4.0.0
* fresh new bblog menu interface - smoother and more intuitive
* added soldier radar in bf4
* added a seperate option for the soldier radar sound to be more consistent
* added rotate objects with ctrl + arrow keys in emblem editor
* added ticket count to live scoreboard in serverbrowser
* added filterset quickswitch buttons to serverbrowser
* improved filtersets in general
* soldier radar buttons on profile page are now over the avatar image
* fixed bf4stats integration
* removed 'scrollable bblog options' because it's more painful than useful
* several minor fixes

04.12.2013 - version 3.9.0
* added even more emblem editor improvements
* added consecutive ranking for bf4 lvl 110 players
* added new theme options for a more flexible theme usage
* added new option 'More Sorts and Information in Serverbrowser' in BF4
* added local comments in bf4
* added ttk and btk to weapon details container in weapon list
* fully integrated (stats frame in stats overview page, weapon and vehicle list top% ranking)
* updated the 'Links instead of text' option to also include ts3server and mumble urls
* fixed bug that main serverbrowserbutton on bf3 homescreen disappear
* fixed bblog team badge in chrome on stats pages
* fixed server radar links in bblog options
* removed 'remove friend button in profile header'

13.11.2013 - version 3.8.1
* fixed emblem editor bugs
* fixed bf4 extended weapon stats / filters
* fixed bblog inline popup
* other minor fixes
* full migration of chrome version to the webstore

04.11.2013 - version 3.8.0
* added 'pt' translation - thx to nano for the translation work - again :)
* added bf4 extended weapon information in cooperation with symthic
* fixed server radar
* fixed server filtersets
* fixed mark bblog team
* fixed emblem editor improvements
* fixed inline popup
* many fixes and improvements under the hood

09.10.2013 - version 3.7.0
* added personal filtersets in bf4 and changed it in bf3 and mohw
* added emblem editor improvements
* added 'Wall-Post links to last thread page' in bf4
* added 'Show Hidden Serverinfo' in bf4
* added 'Contextmenu Serverlist' in bf4
* added 'Auto-Focus on Serverlist' in bf4
* added 'Jump to last post' in bf4
* added 'Breadcrumbs at bottom' in bf4
* added 'Server Radar' in bf4
* added 2 new themes, one in bf4 and one in bf3/mohw
* fixed 'Mark BBLog Team' in bf4 profile
* themes in theme switcher now splitted by battlelog section, bf4 have currently no themes
* splitted bblog files for different battlelog sections for better performance
* background change is now splitted into each battlelog section to be able to add different backgrounds in different sections
* removed 'Auto-Update on Filterchange' and 'Auto-Update on Hit-Enter' because it produce a high amount of requests and it is more annoying than usefull
* many minor fixes and improvements

01.10.2013 - version 3.6.2
* fixed bblog assignments not updating correctly for new reports
* fixed bblog icon position
* partially activated bblog on bf4 battlelog

19.09.2013 - version 3.6.1
* fixed some stats in vehicle and weapons tab
* fixed bblog assignments not loading
* fixed board favorites
* fixed xss problem (thx Edvin_1337)
* easteregg
* some minor improvements and preparations for bf4

04.09.2013 - version 3.6.0
* fixed bblog for 04.09.2013 Battlelog Update
* fixed bug in last resort assignment
* fixed server comments
* fixed bug in pdf report generator
* fixed bblog api cache bug
* completely removed content channels
* completely removed platoon image upload
* added KPM to vehicle list
* added section sensitive configs - bf3 people will only see bf3 configs, mohw only mohw, etc...

31.05.2013 - version 3.5.3
* fixed bblog assignments
* fixed remove friend feature button in profile
* fixed background changer
* fixed bug on vehicle list with bf3stats integration
* updated firefox extension to work with firefox 22 and higher
* BBLog also works now with 'opera next (15+)'

15.05.2013 - version 3.5.2
* quick fixed the plugin for the newest battlelog update from 14. may 2013
* changed layout for bblog options button - removed bblog icon at right option
* temporarily deactivated the comcenter group friends feature - requires more time to fix it
* removed textarea height increase - not needed anymore
* removed favorites in multiplayer menu - it's now done by battlelog itself
* removed mini comcenter - it's not supported anymore by battlelog - no way to fix this
* removed more shortcuts option - shortcuts now doesn't exist anymore and all links now already in the soldier navigation dropdown

05.04.2013 - version 3.5.1
* fixed buggy weapon detail page (no extended weapon data)
* fixed minor bugs
* added some caches to reduce the bblog api requests to fix the server problems

29.03.2013 - version 3.5.0
* added custom friends groups to the comcenter
* added scrollable bblog options
* added remove friends button to profile
* fixed BBLog not loading for chrome 27+
* fixed small awards issue (ribbons/medals not sorted correctly - end game DLC issue)
* fixed missing favorites in MP menu (because of a battlelog update)
* fixed undefined button for server browser on the home - page (because of a battlelog update)
* fixed minor layout issues
* deactivated bblog on bf4 preorder page

06.03.2013 - version 3.4.0
* added 3 new assignments
* added content channels
* fixed bug with generated urls in some circumstances

Bugs related to Battlelog production-29 Update from 04.03.2013
* fixed bug with quote contextmenu in board
* fixed bug on report page with missing PDF and button
* fixed messed up assignment progress bar in assignment page
* removed bblog BBCode support because of native bbcode support
* removed the bbcode [size=9] from signature because battlelog don't support size codes anymore
30.01.2013 - version 3.3.0
* added activity counter for themes
* added sort by remaining kills / remaining points to next service star in weaponlist and vehiclelist (new options, disabled by default)
* added sound notice when a user from your soldier radar is joining a server you play on
* fixed bug with bblog assignment on "ru" localized pages
* fixed bug with vehicle list service star information (service star points mouseover)
* preparations for bblog content channels
* improved inline youtube and inline images to be only loaded when it's in your viewport (faster loading on pages with a lot of inline images and videos)
* set the minimum ff version to 14.* and the minimum chrome version to 18.* to make sure that all required browser features exist
04.01.2013 - version 3.2.0
* added delayed contextmenu again
* added local comments for servers, users and platoons
* added specific error messages when a error on platoon image upload or PDF generation of reports occurs
* added auto-focus on serverlist
* fixed bug with award optimization (wrong number for melee medal)
* fixed bug with dogtag no animation feature
* fixed head/chest damage multipliers for all weapons, in the damage torso graph
* fixed minimize buttons at assignments page
* fixed bug in the damage chart with long range sniper rifles
* plugin names are also translatable - translation key "" (see example plugin)
* performance improvements
07.12.2012 - version 3.1.3
* fixed bug with connection to bblog server
07.12.2012 - version 3.1.2
* fixed bug with export settings when the export includes over 500 users on radar
* fixed bug with bf3stats battlereport popup for xbox users
* fixed issue with czech translation on /cz pages
* bblog assignments data now loads only when you click the load button, it's because of the high traffic of this feature
* some performance improvements
28.11.2012 - version 3.1.1
* fixed bug with firefox on the medalofhonor domain (BBLog not loading here)
* fixed issue with match error on assignments page
* fixed bug with favorite link in multiplayer dropdown for console players
* fixed some bugs in pdf save features
* fixed infinite loop bug when hotfix plugin is active
* added expand/collapse of bblog options
* added czech translation to the addon
* added statistic frame to mohw overview stats page (same as bf3stats frame but for mohw)
* added option to remove the slow dogtag animation
* some performance improvements in general
* optimized config options sorting
* custom platoon image upload/display is now disabled by default, to reduce the server load, could be re-enabled in the options
* updated and fixed some weapon data, especially for the stand/crouch/prone data
* many minor fixes and optimization in general
21.11.2012 - version 3.0.0
* rebuilt bblog from scratch
* added many more options
* added basic moh:w support
* bblog now working in each battlelog domain / section
* fixed some bugs from bblog 2.+
* removed language picker - language will be the same as battlelog language
* so many things that i can't remember
26.09.2012 - version 2.5.0
* fixed acb-90 knife top x% stats
* fixed service stars for some new vehicles
* fixed 10th anniversary background and all future battlelog special backgrounds
* fixed bug with favoured threads
* fixed bug with malformed extended player stats link in profile
* fixed position bug with filterset button in firefox
* added new shortcut 'activity' to the top soldier bar
* added resort of awards again to be more structured
* added service stars to second column in weapon list (thx to Humanoss)
* resorted top soldier bar shortcuts to be the same as on the soldier overview page
* integrated many new translations (thx to the community)
06.09.2012 - version 2.4.1
* fixed broken themes and plugins popup
* fixed just my 60 cents assignment (wrong weapon count)
* integrated many new translations (thx to the community)
05.09.2012 - version 2.4.0
* added option to disable bblog assignments
* added translations for assignments
* added 2 new assignments
* added missing data for some pistols (attachments)
* added 2 new vehicle categories to filter
* added information when weapon data is not up2date
* removed 2 assignments (all medals, all ribbons) because of a new inconsistent between users with different DLCs
* fixed broken awards page after 4. Sept. battelog update
* fixed broken platoon image upload after 4. Sept. battelog update
* fixed older bug with platoon upload where loading icon never disappears
* updated chrome manifest version (old will be deactivated in the future)
* all weapon data are now up2date with the 4. Sept. patch
* minor fixes for new battlelog update
27.08.2012 - version 2.3.0
* changed board inline images option to minor improvements -> inline images
* added inline image support for platoon description
* added possibility to add own css files to the theme switch
* added possibility to show/hide assignment groups
* added first set of BBLog custom assignments, hell yeah
* fixed broken vehicle service stars
* fixed shortcut position after battlelog update
* many minor fixes
13.07.2012 - version 2.2.1
* fixed all broken weapon plots
11.07.2012 - version 2.2.0
* added textual filters on weapon and vehicle pages
* added activate/deactivate of custom plugins
* added changelog link to bblog options
* added counter for external loaded radar entries
* fixed server filterset misplaced on minimized filters
* fixed vehicle star progress bar
* fixed attachments on special filters
* fixed shortcut for multiple profiles
* fixed a bug with serverradar not working for some people
* fixed missing l96 in recon weapon list (weapon switch)
* fixed damage values for pdw-r
* fixed bug with multiple external sources
27.06.2012 - version 2.1.0
* added more shortcut buttons at the top soldier bar
* added more bblog related links to the bblog option menu to quickly find bblog services
* added possibility to add external sources for server/user/flameradar lists
* changed percentage of vehicle stars to show relative percentage instead of absolute
* fixed weapon plot for weapons with attachments that don't worked
* fixed bblog signature and limitations
* fixed battlelogger button not visible when no player is selected
* fixed minor bug in chrome manifest
* fixed cloud import not working in firefox
* fixed many other minor bugs
13.06.2012 - version 2.0.0
* renewed whole bblog design to make it look more like battlelog
* added better battlelog webchat
* added bblog plugins
* added button to server browser in new home "playline"
* added new options for "bblog"
* added option to minimize comcenter to old layout (minor improvements)
* updated all weapon data, fixed stuff, added close quarter weapons
* fixed bug with vehicle stars in combination with shortcut bundles
* fixed bug with signature and added more restrictions to it (length)
* fixed chrome bblog settings lost in some circumstates
* many minor fixes and improvements
05.06.2012 - version 1.9
* fixed bblog for new battlelog
02.06.2012 - version 1.8
* fixed minor layout things
* fixed battlelog bug where in vehicle list not all unlocks listed correctly (to a vehicle entry)
* fixed headshot percentage in weapon list
* themes now also can style the information frame
* added option beside post button to disable signature
* added kills remaining to next service star in a bubble at processbar in weapon list
* added service stars to vehicle list incl. remaining points
* added new buttons to battlereports to goto reports and download as image from
* disable some links in signature to prevent mass spam of videos and images
* merged Air Attack Jet and Air Attack Fighter to one group
20.04.2012 - version 1.7
* hotfix multiple profiles non working bug in bblog
20.04.2012 - version 1.6
* fixed inline images
* fixed bf3stats weapon/vehicle integration for ps3 and xbox users
* fixed signature not appended when create a new thread
* fixed missing server informations (banner and server message)
* fixed wrong required count for nemesis medal (30 ribbons required instead of 50)
* added italian language
* added URL bbcode
* added feature that highlight your favorite servers in the server list (thx to Kristjan Lund)
* added more weapon statistics in weapon list (headshots, fired, hits)
* added more vehicle statistics in vehicle list (destroyed vehicles)
* added filter by groups for vehicles (as in weapon list already exist)
* added cloud storage for your bblog settings to easily keep your things synchronized
* added dogtags counter for taken/unlocked for better comparison between players
* added easy battlelog theme switch
* added bbcodes to new thread textarea
* updated all extended weapon information to POST patch data
* updated favorite link position in navi dropdown
28.03.2012 - version 1.5
* fixed some cutting text with youtube videos
* fixed youtube videos overlapping bottom bar and mod-tool menus
* fixed missing bipods for weapons which have bipods equipped by default
* fixed missing flashsuppressor for weapons which have FP equipped by default
* fixed some wrong weapon information (reload time, bullet speed, max. distance)
* fixed issue with some image links in forum posts if inline images enabled
* added rocket launchers to list of weapons
* added personal server filter sets
* added flame markers in forumlist and threadlist (if threadstarter is a flamer)
* added bind for enter key in text fields in server filter popup - triggers OK button (minor improvements)
* added czech language
* integrated into better battlelog
* removed h2 and h3 bbcodes because of a massively overdose in posts, posts unreadable
07.03.2012 - version 1.4
* fixed link replacements in descriptions
* fixed youtube replacements in descriptions
* added option to open all links in posts in a new tab (board improvements)
* added server favorites link to multiplayer menu dropdown
* added bullet drop information (drop chart) to each weapon
* added ability to test signatures (preview)
* added goto top button at the bottom of each thread page
* added new bbcode "center"
* added server banner to server detail page
* added second slot for the weapon accuracy chart
* added button in weapon comparison table to hide/show marked weapons
* prepared support for battlelog themes
* removed "Signature =====" text before signure, looks cleaner and better
22.02.2012 - version 1.3
* fixed missing g18 and g18-suppressor in new pistol filter
* fixed russian language
* fixed some layout glitches with stylish dark-theme
* fixed youtube links in posts (not clickable)
* fixed wrong and misplaced weapon information
* added flame radar (block posts for specific users)
* added clickable links in descriptions (minor improvements option)
* added more clickable links to battlereports (stats, best weapon, awards)
* added many new languages
* added many more weapon information - specially new interactive plot and attachment impacts
* added board signature to extended options of board improvements
* merged inline youtube and extended weapon info option into minor improvements to save space
* changed weapon switch to be more structured
08.02.2012 - version 1.2
* added text when selection quote is not available
* added ttk and btk in weapon information
* added highly detailed weapon comparison table to weapon detail page
* added breadcrumps at the bottom of each thread page
* added seperate language picker for bblog to support languages that not in battlelog
* added option to disable auto-add favorites on reply
* added more weapon filters (pdw, pistols, shotguns) to weapon statistics overview page
* fixed displaced award ribbons/medals
* fixed issue with auto update filter in popups
* fixed wrong unit for weapon damage (points instead of percent)
* fixed issue with large images in platoon image upload
* fixed issue with inline youtube videos not shown
* optimized some bblog layouts for nicer use with the battlelog dark-theme (thx @ Petr Jurik)
* optimized sight videos to only show available sights for a weapon
* minimized add to favorites button in thread pages
* removed wrong weapon info for pistols with suppressor (not available)
* removed percentage in awards tooltips
* removed offline user counter because battlelog integrated it in the last update (double numbers)
25.01.2012 - version 1.1
* rewrite of translation engine
* fixed contextmenu bugs with selection over multiple lines
* added option to enable delayed context menu
* added favorite threads list
* added autosave server filters
* added some award improvements
* added inline images in forum posts
* added some award improvements
* added platoon image upload
* added sight videos to weapon details (goody)
11.01.2012 - version 1.0
* many general improvements - more flexible options
* fixed many weapon details for pistols
* fix for inline youtube videos
* added bbcode support in board edit formular
* added selection quote
* chat input fix (during type the entered text is cleared)
* fix: jump to last post make it impossible to go back to prev. site with browser buttons
04.01.2012 - version 0.97
* added contextmenu
* improvements trough all parts of addon
* added board improvement to resort a search result
* fixed minor bugs on several pages
01.01.2012 - version 0.96
* fixed storage bug in chrome
* improved translations
* added minor board links fix (anchors now work in links)
* fixed wrong weapon information for pp-19
* fixed minor bugs with toggle in offline users and serverfilter
30.12.2011 - version 0.95
* added chrome support
* improved serverradar
* added serverfilter toggle fix
* simplified update process - be now more straight and transparent
* added serverradar
* huge userradar improvements
* added auto addon update via firefox addon manager
* minor addon bugfixes
* minor layout improvements
* added accuracy plots to weapons
* fixed some minor layout issues
* merged forumsearch into minor bugfixes option
* added com center offline user fix to minor bugfixes
* complete rewrite of storage engine, 30% speed improvements
* added userradar
* new built for firefox 9 and 10
* added goto last post icon
* added a few board improvements
* added update and news notifications
* open beta release
* integrated weapondatabase from
* first working dev version
* idea of this addon was born