Firefox's new Web Extensions - BBLog will switch

Hi all! Firefox currently does a lot of changes in the addon system for their browser. They totally change the behavior how developers write addons. The new system is pretty much the same as google chrome already use. For BBLog this is good news, it means that we can use almost the same codebase for firefox and chrome, which is just aweseome. I've currently done first tests and BBLog works fine with the new web extensions api. So, when the feature goes live for the stable firefox branch, BBLog will switch to the new extension api as well. First i will push out a developer version for sure. For all the geeks out there ->

Avast and BBLog Firefox Addon Download Errors

Since we've installed a SSL certificate on our server to improve security, with forcing https for all our sites and download, we've encountered a problem for some user's of Avast while installing our BBLog addon. Avast have a feature called "Enable HTTPS scanning", this means that they scan and decrypt the encrypted https traffic. This feature have many "false-positive" matches. A more detailed view and workaround here: BBLog is not the only site and service the have problems with the "special feature" from avast. We can nothing do against this errors, the best is to just disable HTTPS scanning for the download of our addon. Greetz Roland

4.9.1 out now - Bugfix Release

Hi! A minor bugfix release to fix all old unsecure links to api and updated it to use https instead. Also fixed a minor issue with bfstats api links to leaderboards Have nice holidays and a happy new year if we don't hear us again before. now with https support

I finally got access to the beta program and i already have installed a SSL certificate for It's enabled now by default for all urls. This massively improve the security for all our users. Some time later i will enable https support also for our addon. This means that it will work on https urls in battlelog as well. Greetz

Version 4.9.0 is out - Breaking change for firefox users

Hi all! A new version is out right now with some minor improvements and new features. See the changelog for more information. To all firefox users! Now it is the time, Better Battlelog requires some changes. Mozilla forces all extension developers to "sign" there addons. All unsigned addons will be deactivated in the near future. Signing an addon means that mozilla review all addon's for security reasons, like google chrome already do since 2 years. This step is also required for BBLog. Unfortunately some steps are required by you in order to work with BBLog in the future. Follow the instructions and you're ready for the future with BBLog. 1. Backup BBLog settings with the "Export Settings" in the top left of the BBLog options menu. 2. Delete Better Battlelog from your Firefox Addons. 3. Goto and download the new firefox version 4. Import your backup settings with the "Import Settings" in the top left of the BBLog options menu. 5. Done The new version is signed by mozilla and you're ready for the breaking change in the new firefox versions. Sorry for the unpleasantness but it's required by mozilla. Greetz Roland

We are still here

Hi all! Yes we are still here we're just silent :) BBLog works good as it is, there is nothing big to improve or fix currently, so we don't push out new updates in the next time. Star Wars: Battlefront will also not be released in Battlelog so no new game in this year for us to watch. Next game in the battlelog is unknown so we just can wait right now. We reached nearly 6 million downloads, how cool is that? So, just a quick note from us for all that think we are inactive, we are here, we are active, we're watchin :) So, happy summer holidays for all out there, chill while drinkin drinks and all that stuff.