Vehicle Respawn Timer for Battlescreen

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Hello, figured I could share my userscript here, even though it's not using BBL.



This is a userscript that allows you to see the approximate time remaining for each destroyed vehicle while playing Battlefield 4 with your battlescreen opened!


- Chrome


- Firefox



Download the userscript here:

Nice! Gonna use that as soon as I start playing Battlefield 4 again. This really comes in handy.
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I'm really liking this script since I'm a battlescreen user. Although respawn times for MAA and IFVs are 60 seconds, not 90. It'd be really nice if you were able to fix it.

Thank you for all your work, much appreciated.
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I believe it's fixed now, because you did mean MAA as in Mobile Anti Air?

It's not certain that it will automatically update, so I suggest you re-install the script.

Dude, you are playing rush. There aren't too much vehicles usually...
More over there needs to be detonated vehicles in order to display the timer/countdown.

It's working very good for me. Sometimes it's a bit inaccurate but in 99% of the times it's just working totally fine.

Sadly it's not working on hardcore - but thats because of lovely Dice which do not allow Battlescreen on hardcore servers :)
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Better Battlelog plugins should be installed using Better Battlelog, not TamperMonkey.

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Hello, figured I could share my userscript here, even though it's not using BBL.
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