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Hey guys,

I just found coincidentally a Achievement tab in Origin, because following catched my eye:

It's probably already pretty old and everyone knows about it, but me because I never read Origin change logs, but I will share it anway.

Edit: Apparently they added this feature with the new Origin beta version 9.2.1

You are finally able to get the Battlefield 3 achievements you could get on Xbox and PS3.

These Achievements and Origin Points seems pretty interesting, I am curious what the future will bring.
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Saw them in the Beta, looked at them once, haven't looked at them again since.

Might just be me, but I find it hard to care about achievements on PC.
All the games that have achievements are spread over different platforms (Steam, Origin, Uplay, etc...) and the achievements feel boring to complete.

It's only on the Xbox that I care about achievements, they feel a lot more integrated into the game experience (if you can say that) and all the games are on the same platform. It just feels more rewarding getting an Xbox achievement than a PC achievement.

Then again, it might just be me :/
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xXJumpyXx wrote:

Then again, it might just be me :/

Well, maybe it's just me, I am an achievements whore. Lol