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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - Shutdown of
BBlog doesn't load in HTTP
True Player Counts
Emblem gallery shutdown
Cannot add this server to radar?
Como puedo subir una imagen al battlelog personalizada?
End of development cycle for Better Battlelog!
TS Server Shutdown
Battlelog error INGAME BF4 PC version
Version 4.9.2 - Firefox Web Extension Release
Please make BBlog Firefox multiprocess compatible! :)
No game progress tracking and live scoreboards BF4
Air Force theme
Greaterfield - The new "BBLog" for companion and BF forums
Maybe, i re-consider an extension for BF companion and the new forums...
cool themes
Battlefield 4 Test Theme
Bf1 doch mit Battlelog?!
BF3 battlelog
Serviran estas imagenes para el nuevo Battlefield?
glogbal stats plugin?
BBlog error message in Firefox
BBlog not working on FireFox
My emblem
Mon emblème
Crear mi logo
Advanced stats on servers pages
BBL gone?
Major bug spanning the entire universe as we know it!!!
BF4 Sniper Scope Glitch
Creating a BF Competitive League
Code Analysis - BF1 will have no web based Battlelog - 95% sure
Battlefied 1 - What do you think?
Oldschool friend invite
Request: Plugin to hide selected weapons on the stats page
[BF4] X-RAY Dark Glass Theme by jpfive
Firefox's new Web Extensions - BBLog will switch
help me pleas how download theme and install it im new here;;
Request: Embed Bf4stats/Bfhstats/ on homepage/serverbrowser
Embed Bf4stats/Bfhstats/ on homepage/serverbrowser
Battlelog custom panels request
Can somebody create a Platoon Logo for us
[BF3/BF4/BFH/MOHW][v1.0]Embedded Vimeo Videos
Plugin search
Misspelling in German language
Weapon Stats Filter to Include Launchers/Underslung/Specials
[BF4][BFH][v1.0] Friends Highlighter [16.01.2016]
Free DLC
Embedded youtube video error
[BF4][BFH][v1.0] Categorized Favorites [13.01.2016]
[ALL] [1.1] Update page
Hello to everyone :)
[BF4][v1.1.1] Advanced Player Links [13.05.2017]
Delete item from storage
[BF3][BF4][BFH][MOHW][v1.0] Comcenter Remover [08.01.2016]
[BF4][v1.0] Battlereport Prizes Fixer [08.01.2016]
[BF4][v0.1] Live Scoreboard Sorter [07.01.2016]
Comments with special html tags make plugin not runnable
Stack It Up Orthographics
Click Event on scoreboard headers
[BF4] Keyboard Navigation in Assignment list and Dogtag list
Keyboard Navigation in Assignment list and Dogtag list
Avast and BBLog Firefox Addon Download Errors
Can't download and install?
Hmm test
request upload new emblem
Hide the Chat/Friends Window (Click opens from the side)
Digitish - Something i've made
Clan tags in battle reports
How to upload image theme clan in battlelog bf3?
Salut les amis comment ajouter son image perso pour embleme de clan sur battlelog bf3?
Lysto Theme
4.9.1 out now - Bugfix Release
Export button not working (FF:42,BB:4.9.0)
Emblema Family Tietze
[help] cannot not install BBLOG firefox version 42.0
Filters lost after update
BF4 Advanced player links . stats error with ranks from 1 to 50 now with https support
BBLOG Mobile App
"BattleField 4 TM has stopped working"
High Tickrate Servers Plugin
New emblem request
Rainbow Six Siege - beta key
request making a emblem
[REQUEST] Know average players Ratio/average players Level of a Team in the server preview/details
Manually set Away status in Com Center.
Maybe stats like reports per hour
Quick and simple emblem request
FEW question - Emblem SyntaxError
Version 4.9.0 is out - Breaking change for firefox users
[Request] Random e-mail script
We are still here
Friends, please do the logo!
Star Wars Battlefront
[ALL] [1.1.2] Battlelog Some Improvements/Removes
[REQUEST] Battlelog startscreen fix
Recover BBLog settings from HD backup?
Scheduled Server Downtime 28.05.2015 13:00 UTC+2
Embed vimeo link just like youtube links
[SOLVED]Make friendslist collapsable
[ALL][19.05.2015] Custom Teamspeak Server
Night Theme
[BF4] Battlelog Flat Theme Black
[BF4][V0.1-Beta][03.05.2015] Battlescreen Recorder (Google Chrome Only) [Discontinued]
[REQUEST] Plugin for Platoon Leaderboard
What episode of south park is this from?! It's driving me crazy lol
Auto Zoom on Battlelog
[BF4][v1.0]French Spelling Correction
[BF3/BF4/BFH/MOHW][v1.1]Disable Dropdowns
[BF3/BF4/BFH][v1.0.1]Add Twitter Feed
[Request] Plugin to change "Like" to "Hooah" again, or any other word.
Dogtag Progression, Veteran Status, Video Background Remover
Hi! - New to BBlog
Where is missions tab?
[Request] Add a bookmark section to the forums
cheat o meter
No way to filter rocket launchers in the stats page
[BF3/BF4/BFH/MOHW][v1.1]Move BBLog Button
[BF4][v1.0.2]Second Assault Map Names Correction
[MOHW/BF3/BF4/BFH][v1.0.0.1][05.04.2015] BFH weapon unlock feeds remover
[BF4][v1.0.1]Auto Expand Battlescreen
Headhot / Kill %
Microsoft Spartan Tests - WebKit under the hood, particular?
BBLog: Loadout>Vehicle Upgrade Info?
Battlefield Hardline Wallpaper v1
Vehicle Statistic: a search for Cyrillic is not working
Version 4.8.0 out now
[Request] Remove BFH purchased items on the feed
Problem mit Dogtaganzeige
Need to remove & sinc online status in BBL forums
Unopened BattlePack Images Broken
[BF4] Battlefield Hardline Theme
[BFH] Clean Chocolate Theme
512x512 canvas support needed
Clan Tags in Battlelog scoreboard
Update 4.7.0 out now - With Battlefield Hardline Support
[BFH] Hardfine Theme
Talking a bit about Better Battlelog's future
Scheduled Server Downtime 09.05.2015 09:00 UTC+1
A Plugin that makes Battlelog less laggy
(need help) sidepanel for my homepage in the style of bblog
Teamspeak 3 plugin for clan TS on battlelog
Substitution or replace BBLog Teamspeak with my own clan TS.
Statistics per map
Hi quick question about signatures.
i can't see dogtags i take from enemies in my bblog since 22 december 2014
BF4stats not showing ranking on Weapons
Saved Server Browser Settings
incorrect battlelog.does not go into the origin
Weapon Names
Hardline Final Beta - How good/bad?
One more Emblem request for a friend. Super easy
[BF3] White Theme
DEV Update - Partial BF Hardline Support
Emblem request
BF4 Theme wallpaper
Additional Enhancements Plugin (Previously knows as "BBLog-Remove-Buy-BattlePacks")
BTB-crew custom battlelog logo
Bugfix Release 4.6.1
Version 4.8.0?
Battlelog Update 24.01.2015 - Issues with BBLog
History Map error
Chrome crashes
BF4 Plugin Scorpion
Alert when a player on your special list joins a server
Emblem Gallery Improvements
Clan Logo for Platoon
Help, I am a disaster!
How can I upload a new emblem I created?
They need a how to section
Just my EDM - Electronic Dance Music for free
Show bf4stats GSPM on overview page
Rank progressbar
Remove "BUY BATTLEPACKS" in BattlePacks Page
Merging bf4 account, and transfer premium ?
[Hunt] Battlelog Backgrounds
New-personal BL theme.
black shadow theme alternative background
Merry Christmas 2014 and best wishes
Server Filter by PING <MS
History Data via BBL
BBLog for Maxthon
Removed Inline Image Support - Update: Fixed
Change Platoon Founder
Plugin quick setup and API docs
Battlelog Emblem
Xbox Live Friends not showing on battlelog
Unable to activate the "Dark Theme".
Unable to use the Official Theme Switcher.
[Request] Dark Materialdesign Theme
BBLog Menü Scrolling
[Request] Theme - Clean Chocolate with a different color
Hide (add to black list) not liked servers in server browser
make new one
Can someone make this?
Changelog for Themes/Plugins
Background Gallery
Version 4.6.0 released - Theme Gallery now integrated
Dev Version out now - New theme gallery
Hello there!
View New Posts on Battlelog Forum
Unable to save custom plugins
Click to open sidebar option
Battlefield Brazilian Community
Theme Gallery Soft Launch
notifications rss feed
Rss feed for battlelog
[Request]Battlelog Servers Blacklist
Chance icon size in Battlescreen.
Click to show BBl. bug.
Server issues 01.10.2014
Plugin: Notify lastest battlelog news
Hardcore / Core Tracking please.
Desktop Notification plugin for chat messages
Links instead of text
Battlelog Character Count
One Click Button removed
Backup Software
Teamspeak in 4.5.0
BBLog 4.5.0 out now
BBLog DEV out now
Emblemas BR
BBLog DEV now with Plugin Gallery and Plugin/Theme Editor
Collapse multi-quoted posts.
BBLog Plugin Gallery - Soft Launch
[ALL][v1.2] Battlelog Mods
Add Battlefield Twitter feed to Battlelog
[reguest]Favorites maps
i get banned error
[BF4][v2.2] Completed Assignments [18.02.2015]
[BF3/BF4/BFH][v1.7][27.06.2016] Show Map Rotation
BBLog 4.4.0 out now
Brand New BBLog Signature Banners
admin pls delete this
The Crew Beta Keys
Exclude particular gaming servers from the search results
Terraria Steam Key giveaway!
BBLog out now - BBLog Forum Integration
Adding images to the gallery emblems. (
Hide Completed assignments
hide severs that are in radar list
big lag in unlocks tab
graphs in soldier page
[BF4][v1.1.1]General Enhancements
BF Hardline delayed to 2015
[BF4] Battlefield Hardline Old Theme
Better Battlelog's focus move to only!
[BF4][v1.2.0] BBLog Preset Updater
BBL unloads after beeing on CTE BL
Quick links and minimizing for Unlocks, Assignments and Awards
BBLog 4.3.1 is out - Bugfix Release
Ideas for
Removing MOH:W Support
Suggestion - Removing BBLog from all social sites
BBLog DEV is out - Weapon Filter Update and Bugfix
[BUG] Emblem Editor
Phantom Protocol: Initiate - Research
BJ-2 and other new knives don't show up when filtered for knives.
Only 12 of 16 Knives in the Stats-Knife-List
rpk-74m unlock progress not diplayed in bf3
Enhancement suggestions for the Weapon filtering in BF4 BBLog
[Request] Enhanced Battlepack Sorting
BBLog 4.3.0 is out - Gallery Improvements and BFH Prep.
Battlefield Hardline
Battlelog Emblem Save Error
World Cup - Let's bet?
[Request] Leaderboards dropdown
BF Hardline Beta
Search For Player In Mission Invite
New Dev Version - Tags in Emblem Gallery
Sales / Free Games
Average Server Rank Plugin?
BBLog Easteregg - For da real fans :)
Emblem Gallery is successfull!
Google url
Battlefield 3 for free!
[REQUEST] Auto Expand Battlescreen?
Codeleak? New Battlefield already in the work or a big update in Battlelog?
pbguid on mouse hover
nothing :P
[BF3/BF4/BFH][v1.6.0][29.06.2016] Has PBBans
how to be an admin page?
Can you add a transparent theme? (BF3/MoHW)
Do you have added you to ocje edit the list of games?
Can you add a transparent theme battlelog?
Is could can someone make a transparent theme for battlelog?
BBLog 4.2.0 is out now - Emblem Gallery goes Public!
BF4 map Stats (TIme/Highscore/etc)
how to check on the operability of the topic?
CTE Battlelog
[BF4][v1.1][12.05.2014] Battlelog Clock
DNS Problems!
DEV BBLog is out - Emblem Gallery Testing goes on
Emblem Gallery
Server maintenance!
BBLog 4.1.3 is out now - Loading Bugfix
BBlog 4.1.2 issues on Chrome 34.0.1847.131 portable
DEV Version - BBLog out now - BBLog not working
doesn't work after reload / F5
BBlog Forum Post Bug ?
BBLog 4.1.2 out now
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms
Please for classic controls to PS4 !
Time for me to step down and say goodbye!
DEV BBLog released - Testing fix for FF30
Firefox 30 and BBLog up to 4.1.1 not working
Getting player list and score from a server
BBLog 4.1.1 out now
BBLog 4.1.0 out now
BBLog 4.0.0 out now - Major Release
BBLog 3.9.0 out now
BBLog 3.8.1 - Bugfix and Webstore
Chrome browser cache BBLog 4.1.1
[REQUEST] Very low detail
Loadout Presets
[REQUEST] Tank Theme
Fix for the website
Community Manager wanted!
Server Filter Must Contain Maps.
FEZ, Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians, Starseed Pilgrim
Interview with BrainFooLong
TS Overlay
Ultra Music Festival 2014
[BF4][BETA] Platoon Helper [INACTIVE]
AMD's Mantle in BF4
[BF?][v?.0]??? ->
[Request] XP Boost Remaining time for BattleScreen
How do I block servers?
Wrigglys Shadow - Mobile Game
Filter to hide PBBans / GCC servers?
Naval Strike - DLC
request for additional Icon for Assignments by DLC-plugin
General Question
"Platoon Players" List
Order friends list in groups
BLog issue or game issue?
Local Serverfilter Presets buttons stop leaving server filter options window expanded.
Layer Details Animation
Highlight friends in scoreboard
Copy your soldier emblem to a platoon in BF4
Platoon ''custom images''
BF4 custom images
BBL on macbook chrome/safari: No ping numbers on servers
See other peoples comments on servers and radar adds.
New update 4.1.0
4 Mills - And we are still here!
[BF4][v1.6] Show by DLC
Second Assault Server Browser Correction
is the gaming industry crashing (again)?
Video background
request for a helpful plugin in the statistic of the weapons
[news]BF4 Platoon
Battlefield 4 Emblem
[BF4][v1.1.2] Ambient Light
[Request] Hide stuff
Hi ! Why don't check my channel ? :D
need the help of brain foo
Changes in BBLog for Plugin Devs
PAY ATTENTION - hacked FileZilla version
"fresh new bblog menu interface"
Sort unlocks by remaining kills
Stats -> Vehicles not displaying correctly since BB 4.0.0
Request Weapon Categories
BF4 Weapon Statistics Filter Buttons (type/kit)
Server browser -- separate sort and extra info options
Server Radar -- add option to hide
Please allow us to tag servers with our own descriptions.
where is the Killcounter of the Commander
[Request] A fast method to apply a given camo to everything & Soldier camos in Battlelog
A fast method to apply a given camo to everything & Soldier camos in Battlelog
New fix code by jikA
[selected-server-scoreboard] Ticket colors
Remove Friend now also in "Report" Function
BBLog Signature
[Battlelog] Be careful what you write
BF4 - Easter Eggs
How about that idea for BBLog menu?
Portuguese Translator wanted!
Selected server to see added favorites
Reus Steam Key Giveaway!
Alternate Service Star Sort for BF4
[BF4] Cheat-O-Meter (
[Request] Plugin for BF4 that links to cheatometer on
[BF4] Battlelog 2.0 Theme
BF4 Player Radar
Recreate Upcoming Unlocks page for BF4
Yandex browser
Testrange multiplayer anyone?
ALL attachments/upgrades visible in general Loadout view.
Plugin Database
Plugin Rules
[BF4 Beta] Name Your Weapon
Awards Improvement
Battlelog Loadout Randomizer
request: custom plugin bf version
Emblems: Rotate elements
No Commander search option Plugin?
Emblem Editor: Select & move multiple layers
Title edited by Admin
[BF4] White Shadow Theme
Vehicle Respawn Timer for Battlescreen
[DEPRECATED] Assignments by DLC
BF4 - Fix the Netcode *rofl*
Battlefield 4 Graphic Pack v1.0
Battlefield 4 - no. #1 priority
Need Testers
Hello -- New BF Player
Show the total ticket count for TDM above the scoreboard preview
commander/spectator browser icons
cheatometer for bf4 please
idea for Battlelog
How to remove/change stats background
Add the user to radar
[BF4/BF3 Template] Clan/Platoon Badge Maker
Battlefield Wiki link
Server Browser: Black Listing
[BF4][v1.2.1] Missions Screen Enhancer
[Request] Server Rating - Comments
Server browser: Local comment []
[Request] Improved Missions tab
TTK & BTK values
Selecting Names In Array
BF4 Clone Glitch
BF4 40% Off in Origin
Ammo and Medi Pack Interval
Server browser: Sorting server / live scoreboard []
New Level Cap - 110
DICE is having christmas a bit earlier
Endless Appending
[BF4] Emoticon Injector
Alternate Plugin List
[BF4/BF3/MOHW] Highlight Me
RIP Winamp - It was a great time :)
BBLog Drop Down menu
Second Assault - DLC
Battlefield Loadout Saver Android App
Server Favorites - adding commander
Zoom In Emblem Editor
Bblog or battlelog bug ?
Epic Volvo test
[BF4/BF3ish]Battlefeed Filter
New guns from patch assignments on battlelog
Minor improvements/feature wishes
[BF4]Item Unlocker
Pre-Unlocking Emblem Items
Bf4 graph/statistics
Downloaded 3.8.1 for Chrome *ISSUE*
BF4 C4 Stats
My website
THIS SPRING.. In the cinemas..
BBLOG 3.8 Integrated weapon stats not working
Breaking Change - Chrome
Add BBLog User in Battlelog
(Here on Website) Possible to change my nick?
[BF4][v0.6][01.05.2014] Loadout Sets
[BF4] Black Shadow Theme
Saving emblem on BF4 issue.
BF4 Emblem Editor "Tracing Mode"
Chrome disable all extensions outside of Chrome Store in 2014
i can`t see my bf3stats since last update, my browser it`s google chrome. any suggestions?
I'm looking for replacement maps...
BBLog Game Day
Hi !
Commander Mode
No theme switcher since vers. 3.8.0
[BF4]Server browser tweaks
Toggle Locked Loadout Items
BF4 Release - Impressions
BF4 - Emblem Editor
Emblem Thread
First Time 30.000 Daily BBLog User!!!
BF4 PDF Battle Reports
BF 4 Serverfilter Presets
Using layer details window breaks editor
What/How does Soldier Radar work/do?
Request: A change in Steam Theme by xXJumpyXx v 1.2.1
Best plugins ever, of all time.
Colonel 100 Bucket
Moving items as one.
Little css adjustment
[Request] Hide shared stuff
Custom amount of players on server
Comments in the server page doesn't seem to work properly
BBLog Board into Battlelog
Emblem item not in actual spot.
Maintain Center Position
BF4 Multiplayer Launch Trailer
Alerts not shown
Any chance to get this feature for BF3 and BF4 platoons' emblems ?
[Teamspeak 3] Battlefield 4 Battlelog Design
"Add to Radar" button on server page doesn't work
Battlefield 4 - Accolades TV trailer
Top Scores Not Aligned
Maybe can you help me..
Help Understanding This
BF4 Single Player Trailer
Metabans, aCi livesecure, PBBans, GGC-stream, etc.
[YouTube] Montages, Fragmovies, Gameplay, Funny Moments
Battlelog background music
Export Emblem
BBLog Dev Release Channel
Smartphone Background
is the new battlelog only in english available ??
Opera 17 - BF4 Emblem editor bug
Firefox 24 + BB3.7 = no BB
Convert background page to event page in chrome
Filterset not saving for BF3
Hello everyone!
[BF4] Battlelog Clean Chocolate Theme
Forum looks odd
Manage emblems
Emblem layers with Arrow Keys.
Browser Freezes When BF3stats Graph Loading
[BF3] Battlefield 4 Theme
Another BF4 report design
Diet BF4 header
Link highlight
COOKIE Clicker
Battlelog for BF3
BBlog emblem
BF4 Beta - Issues
BF4 Beta - Impressions
BF4 Battlelog Theme Request
BBLog on BF4 Battlelog
BBLog Icon in Left Bottom Corner
All rounder
Blue bar allign + typo.
Ability to disable the "Soldier" & "Multiplayer" dropdowns.
Hi everybody on BBlog !! Salut tout le monde sur BBlog !
"Say hello " Ok ! Hello everybody !
New Plugin Features on
hi all bonjour a tous
Russian Translator wanted!
Theme and Plugin Preparations for BF4
Custom Assignments Will Be Integrated
Server browser button bug
HRTF Sound
3.6.1 changelog
GTA V - Welcome to Los Santos
Battlefield Launch Parameters
Ability to delte these useless buttons
problems with bblog after upgrade to 3.6.0
M16 is gone
Assignments don't open
Server Issues 09.09.2013
top leaderboard
Problem with PS3 platoon
Battlelog Concept design
Cheat-o-meter info added to battlelog
Com-Center Radar
[3.6.x] Cheat-o-Meter (Alternative)
Battlelog Update 04.09.2013
Content Channels - Removed
Choqled Reader - Your own News Aggregator / RSS Reader
[1.0.2] Dogtags Enhancer (Looking for translators)
Battlefield 4 Wallpaper
crash BetterBattlelog using GameBooster
[Offer] Origin discount code
help on installing content channels
[BF3/BF4][v3.0] Platoon Dropdown
presentation image is not displayed
BBLog no longer works on PaleMoon 20.3 browser
Saints Row IV
Download logo platoons
An hour of footage
BF4 Levolution Explained
Block or hide servers based on list
bblog not working on chrome v28
Battlefield 4 Paracel Storm
Error in Assignment "last resort"
Map-specific loadouts!
Help where is the BBlog option button ???
Humble Origin Bumble
NAME "Decorated"
how to upload your logo!!
EA rented me a malfunctioned server then temp ban from battlelog to cover up. Real pros.
A new Battlelog feature revealed !
The Blabla-Topic..
Bad Boy :)
Hoaah! for comments
[on] Quote Bug
Help please - How to change the Battlelog background
Help please - How to change the Battlelog Theme
Fun pics
Load more servers
How can I change this icon bg - small Dark Theme by Juress v 3.12 mod
Home button
Vehicle Kills/Min
Clean & Bright Theme [Beta]
Forum reply notifications sent in the language of the other user.
Advanced Player Links - Cheatometer, i-stats, metabans, and ACI
[Help]BBlog 3.5.3 Platoon Image
Social network links/icons next to name
The DIVISION [Tom Clancy's] || Ubisoft
need plugin
Forum Improvements
Negative Optimizing? Just laugh
ad removal plugin
Install and setup Tutorial
Important - Platoon Image Upload
Server comments broken
Friend list
Alpha trial
[resolved] Show all Dog Tags
Cannot upload a new platoon emblem
BBLOG not working with google chrome
BF4 E3 Multiplayer Gameplay
request: link to metabans istats and bf3stats
When will I hit Colonel 100?
delete / disable friends gravatar
Battlefield 4 Alpha Screenshots leaked
Specific server filters
General Question
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
Origin Achievements
Chat with random people/ext. friends via battlelog
3.5.3 dont work with firefox 21
Xbox live friends in com center
Plugins question
3.5.2 + FF 22 = :(
issue with Add BF3stats to Vehicle list
Need Some help with installing Content Channels
congratiolation to BrainFooLong
Better Battlelog for Opera Next 15+!
Hans Zimmer
Two requests for corrections...
The New Google Maps
Battlefield 3 cant run
HTML5 / Javascript MP3 Audio Spectrum Visualizer by BrainFooLong
Metabans API: Missing or incorrect sid
CS:GO Overwatch (Crowd-sourced Anti-Cheat System)
Rearrangment of favorite servers?
3.5.2 Not working with Firefox?
Platoon Emblem Upload
Battlefield 4: China Rising [First DLC]
Call of Duty: Ghosts
delete friend button bug
transparent soldier navigation menu
Extended Friendlist
Server radar improvement.
where is the button to hide the com center ?
Remove a friend doesn't work !
Server Blacklist
Sort unlocks by kills to next unlock
Assignments Load !!!
Hover Over Info Box
@BBLog Team - Battlelog offline bug
KDR incorrectly displayed
minimized assignments are broken
Allow movement of bblog button
Platoon's list.
[Theme] Back to Battlelog 1.0
[REQUEST] Old style menu (pre 14 may)
BBLog Background Changer is not working
COM Center is drunk
Hide Spam Images from main page.
Server Rating
Make new header that does not scroll with the page.
14. May 2013 - BBLog not working
[SPOILER!] Mother of How I met your mother revealed
Battlelog update May 14
YouTube Help
[BF3][v 0.0.1][09.05.2013] Battlelog Encrypter [INACTIVE]
Dice Platoon plugin not working
BBLOG is not working
DICE developing a new Star Wars game
Battlelog theme request
Copyright Issue
No Weapons / Vehicle Ranking
bblog not working
Two "Wish List" Items for BF3's next patch or BF4
BF4 release date.
Modding/Emulator tool for Battlefield 3 (Venice Unleashed)
Idea for a Playerhunt plugin
User-Radar button missing
Battlefield 3 Slow Motion :)
Battlelog - For BF4
Friends group got randomly cleared
Track other players in com center
I can't get any parameters on the css background image to work.
Errors in RUS language
A little break for the BBLog Developer
Probleme mit 3.5.1
Chrome does not allow me to DL the latest BBlog patch..
Assignment idea: Weapons Master
New filter for dogtags
delete friend while he is in a group
Premium logo in the Forum.
Soldier and Vehilce K / D separate ?!
MAV 3D model
The Fire Marshal
New Dev Members?
How Do You Change New BBLog Group Names
Assignment names and info
Assignment Info plugin
How to add someone into a group?
Tips on plugin that checks servers "difficulty"
Hide forum activity
Groups on BBLOG
Install & Contextmenu Fix for Firefox
Problem at Weponstats
Weapon spread graphics not working
Where is the changelog?
3.5 not installing on chrome (after extensions)
A couple issues
BBlog not installing: Chrome!
Update to 3.5.0 [Firefox] not successful
Groups and Friends
problem with instalation on 26 Chrome
Problem with uploading platoon image.
Remove Favored Threads because of new Activity in the Forums?
BF4 First Gameplay Trailer - Analysis
Favorites missing
Primary Platoon tag automation
Few improvements for the Loadout section
kills per hour on leaderboards
Delete friend button
Server browser update
Friends list
HowTo install BBLOG - Chrome
Upcoming Problems with Google Chrome v27 and higher...
Decimals Accuracy
Loading bug
BBlog Rank and BBlog Service Star?
what do i need to open this file
Questions about Assignment WIN WIN WIN
Server radar (Local Bug - Firefox related)
12.000 Images - Platoon Image Upload - Big success
I need help. >:(
Slight awards bug-ish
Battlefield 3 Update March 6.6 GB! Please Enter!
Remove Spoiler in Forum
Custom Hooahs / Oo-rah / Likes
Soldier radar - Local soldier comments
Missing weapon service stars
Sorting by the number of remaining unlocks kills
Viewing the names of the people you have knifed.
Battlefield 3 spectator mode is here :) font
Update Battlelog after new message in Section
PDF Download - Problem
Introducing Themes for
[Add-on Theme] BBLog-Clean
Option to hide
Bug with saving server filters
problems with my image maker,need a hint!
Many Plugins are out of Work after bblog 3.3.0 Release !!! Why ???
Fix Invite friends to game system
Auto Update on DogTags
[BF3/BF4][v2.6.2]Hide Forum
German Battlefield Community
Can't upload a modified picture to my platoon
[BF3][v1.3.1] To Top in Loadout
Misplaced tooltip
Invite friends to a game not working
Battlefield 4
To not show all players!
Dog tag progress bar
Disabling the update-marker
Battlelog issues
End Game
sup BBlog!
Homepage Updates and Changes
Player Radar Visible on Server
I am looking for players on ps3
Teheran at Night - Theme
Idea for a new Statistic part !
Auto-reconnect/retry when queue full
Waffen aufsätze
Request how to change pictures in the Playbar Elements.
Unable to Download
Request: User-Chat in BBLOG
Battlefield 3 Weapon Comparison in French
Not all BBLog users can see custom platoon emblems
Platoon Image Banned
BBLog doesn't work, standart solutions didn't solve the prob.
Project: DESTROYER - Battlefield 3 Machinima
BetterBattleLog Email Notification on new PM
Problems With Clan Emblem
Geniues Digital Artist
Trials Evolution Gold Edition for PC
Warface from Crytek
Tooltips bug?
Some Music from me
Mouse over Gravater in Forum shows mini stats.
marche pas - Doesn't work
Board Radar /Flame Radar?
Chick cheep. :-)
Battlelogplus is officially dead and not longer under development!
Idea: Sound when a user on your radar join your game
Exporting Radar List
i have problem with google chrome help me
Battle Report extension plugin Request
Games you look forward too in 2013
Serverbrowser doesn't show all servers
Comment bar on every page
topics read and not read [REQUEST]
Next weapon service star filter
Creat a Studio Mode
3 Ideas: Thread Rating System + Ability to Hooah Stats! + View Counter
Background problem
For the forum (not bblog for bf3 the idea is for the forum on
Vintage Theme: Amored Shield
Profile selection on one platform (Player has multiple profiles on one account, e.g. families)
Youtube Female Voice
Battlelog hacked? :D
Dune 2 - Back to Roots :-)
I can't find "The Radar" in Battlelog to stalk somebody.
Service Stars Weapons
Merry Christmas
[BF3] Vintage Theme: № 1
Habby Slabby - A flash game that i never had finished
3.1.3 not working
A hope for BF3 Video Artists
Dogtag Page Broken
Request/idea : Invisible mode for battlelog/com center
Error in count for melee medal
Disable Com Center
Emblem change problem
Platoon Image Error 500?!
Need Help - the ThemeSwitcher doesnt work
TV shows
Happy B-Day Better Battlelog - Win a Battlefield 3 DLC of your choice!
Link to Weapons and Vehicles
Working on azixMcAze's Platoon Friends Plugin
[BUG] Filtersets won't overwrite
Translatable plugin title
Free Metro 2033
Reputation System Online
Platoon Leader Board
Choose your Origin ID
how to install the new vierson i google chroom?
Can't find where I have to upload pictures for my platton.
Error BBLOG Assignments
Move Premium XP Multiplier Icon
server comments/stats previews/ feeds
Server browser min-height
Double XP Icon on top
Can't minimize assignments
Platoon Emblem dosen't show up.
Replace Playbar Elements
[SNIPPET] Getting some useful informations from bblog
I can't download the new version 3.1.3
Issue Resolved
The new YouTube layout
Replace COOP
BBLog Assignment
Extract Information from battlelog
Stats For Maps
A little Problem with the language system
Error in BBlog Assignment not fixed !!!
Czech Battlelog URL
Download of the .js used for custom assignments
Custom Dogtags
Awards bug (3.1.1)
Sponsor - - Better Battlelog with a better server
Czech Plugin Translator
Are Facebook Browser Addons allowed?
Theme Request
Battlereport XBOX360 link wrong
BBLog Assignment
How do you install themes?
I think I found a way to use custom emblems again
you have a major problem here guys with hackers
emblem not visible after update
3.1.1 installed but not showing up on battlelog
3.1.1 Installation issue
Hide completed assignments/Bring unfinished assignments to the top
Emblema Plotone
Plugins/Scripts save when BBLog is updating
Where is the Changelog
Aftermath with Battlelog 3.1.1 HELP ! ENTER PLEASE !!
[BUG] Filtersets in serverbrowser bug
No Cloud anymore in v3 ??
Trying to get AJAX working in BBLog plugin
Service star for Vehicles are bfoken
Far Cry 3
MOH:W - Just 500 PC Players Online?
BBlog Settings Sinc
Hello (BBLOG) world! ;)
Who's Nate?
BBlog Assigment
Plugin Request
Roadmap: Dates and Information
Help get BBlog working
Favorites link has changed and not working
Extra filters for dogtags
How to install plugins?
Custom favorite server name
Multiplayer drop-down menu issue
how does the signatures work
Open Letter to the Community from the BBLog Developer
FAQ Allrounder Assignment
right column with Activity / News / customs gone after 3.0
Dogtags/Broken/Out of order
Horizontal Rule Before Signature
Plugin won't load directly from Github
Something interesting to read
No Assignments?
server refresh browser position
Forum Settings Dont Work
Allrounder assignments
Platoon emblem only visible for Better Battlelog users.
Clan emblem
3.0.0: solder and server radars don't work
Settings window - plugins not showing
absolute joke this has become(emblem)
Multiple plugins breaks layout
Folder for my Server-Favorites
[3.6.x] Remove Elements [updated]
Radar icon and BBlog icon not working
Can you fix this?
Suggestions for a better experience
BBlog old language system
New Site 500 Error Code
what happened to the weapons statistics
BBlog v3. Thank's a lot! - Newsfeed
Wallpaper Thread
can't change background
FAQ - Platoon Image Upload
Average K/D or other stats
Assignment bug?
Weapon categories not working since update 11/20
BBattlelog installed - cam't load it (Chrome)
A new developer here
Weapon slots stats
Save report as image
Battlelogger is offline for a while
Betterbattle log not working
Request: like newsfeed
Platoon picture.
Cant install bblog on 23.0.1271.64 m
funny gameplay commentary
Friend Server List
BBL loads late
Platoon Logo not uploading
Add Battlefield Free2Play Games to Navigation
Custom Stalk List
Stalk List
[request] Hide MOH:W
BBAssignments New Upcoming?
install issue
Better Battlelog v3.0 - It's time, soon
Crysis 3
Highlight friends in player list
BBLog is not loading - Reasons
Bug Dog tag
home page BBlog not loading
Server Browser Button - disappeared
Tomahawk Face
Hi y'all
Add-on not showing up when on and working
[MOHW|BUG] BBLog Forgets BF3 settings
[MINOR] Medals showing "undefined<br/> * ribbons left
BBLog Hotfix Injection
Data presentation
Player radar in friends list
I feel stalked..
Obvious local comments for radar list entries
History graph problem
Weapon attachments window just disappeared
New Idea.
Platoon image is broken
Frostbite 2 - DICE vs Danger Close
Dude im a Fragmaster fail
Plugin request if possible
A new type of statistic to add to Battlelog
The Battlelog web plugin (esn) will not install on Chrome
Wreck'n Crunch - assignment
Other Stats Possibly to Intergrate in
Plugins disappeared
Kills with repair tool, defib, etc. in weapons tab.
Extendet Stats
Battlelog Newsfeed for my German Gaming Site
Separate webpage for BBlog settings
Replay videos of sights
Server list favorites color issue
Request: Dog Tag Filter LOCKED
BB don´t remember my settings.
Request: Battlefeed block
Button "Radar activate" not there
Idea: Advanced Friendslist
Non www url
assignments error
Request/Idea: Leveling after colonel 100
BF3Stats improved
Dice DogTags
Request: Improving new "latest battle reports"
Weapon stars overlay
Picture Upload Fail, Battlelog Update
BBLog for MOH:W - No support right now
Request : Delete Combat Report notification
Vehicle location: map, area, equipment, DLC .....
Curves do not fit
Update problems
Request: Profile join button
Statistics error/ bug?
Firefox addon not working.
Filter out radar list servers
Profile Block idea
Awards/Ribbons issue
i need help
Progression Stars/Chat
Design Contest for BBLog Website/Board!
Finnish encoding problem
cant log in
BB BLOG: Please tell me how to change the picture avatar
My favored Threads bugged/broken
Extended Player Statistics link broken
Backround image being forced
Terve! news feed (english fan-page)
4DJesteR theme v.1
Stars on the weapon icons
Request: Platoon Members in sidebar
Emblem ERROR
[BF3] [Retired] Steam Theme News feed (german fan-page)
Add current weapon stats to loadout
Request: Remove Game activity Sidebar
Minimize Filters by default
New vehicle service stars
Request: Bigger Game Activity window
Eagle 100 --- and then.!?
"Shortcut Kit used" for Jets and Choppers
[BF3] Bandar Desert Theme
Platoon Page Wall
plugin sonar problem
Request: Different colour for assignment completion bar
Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
Better Custom Platoon Logo Quality
[BF3] Cheat-O-Meter
List of "Fan'ed" Platoons
knife without Top XX%
Add "Activity" to Shortcuts
Technically impossible became possible?
Giving Plugins captions
1.000.000+ Downloads for Better Battlelog
them request
Idea: Cheat-O-Meter result and link
Assignments missing
Direct Download for BBlog Updates?
Error showing how many kills remain to next star.
Fix Medals/Ribbons to previous BBLog state.
Weapons no longer can be sorted alphabetically
Dogtag Divisions
About Portuguese Localization (Sobre a Localização PT)
overlapping text.
Battlelog language
new assignments
Add own Theme & Add own Plugins NOT WORKING
BBLog had it first - DICE copied
Teamspeak 3 Icon
Error with "Dude, I'm a Frag Master" assignment
My BF3 Level Pitch
Couple of Minor Things...
No "upload platoon image" button
Wrong Origin of Weapon's flag
Error since Sep. 4th Update and BBLog 1.32
Borderlands 2
Counting the stars
upload platoon picture
In-Game Reporting / Radar-Adding
200 dog tag assignment stuck
Great idea!
Music searched - Similar like BF3 Man Theme with Violin
Battlereport Playerlist: Not able to go to Userprofil
Flag status in live scoreboard
serverrefresh button gets overlayed
Battlefiled 3 Weapon Dashboards
Request/Idea for saving Loadouts
Request Display all Dogtags
Platoon Custom Emblem upload problem
Pls Remove Assignments
Update 8/27 changes in completed assigments
BBattlelog assignments
Assignments french translations
Award hover outline on Firefox
updating banners
Platoon Custom Emblem Error
Suggestions for User-Created Assignments
Battlelog Battle Reports
Polish translation
BB log Cloud cleaning
Assignments artworks
Smart Server Browser
Plugin backup/list
Theme Wont Stay Selected - BBL 2.2.1
Everytime you Do an update it wipes my User Radar list
Stats Quick Links Ordering
Awards shortkey on same line as the others
User's Nicks History
Dataminer searched!
To top button in Loadout request
Report Server Button
Will somone play CS:GO?
Award optimization
Platoon Radar
Chat Size
Extended Player Statistics script error
BBLOG will not work...
Sending chat messages to offline friends must be possible.
Danish translator
Assignment that are uncompleted only show after a round.
Top 5 Servers Tab
Right clicking names for Flame Radar.
bblog dosent work with the https version of battlelog
Custom Assignment suggestion: 100 kills with each weapon
players by country
Full stats/attachments for all Pistols
Costum background theme
Favoriteserver plugin
Workaround for Install under Chrome 21+
Pre-selection of a server
German - points and such
Cant sort to see only Shotguns/Pistols/PDW anymore
Service Stars not showing up in vehicle unlocks
Save loadouts like filtersets feature
Shortcuts are no more aligned
Stats per Game Type
Can´t see all Premium Assingments
own category for the equipments
BF3 Logo Mouseover Animation
Exchanging "online" and "in-game" colours
Reorder Server Filtersets
filter servers
Only show Weapons/Vehicles with Unlocks
Server browser is messed up
The "new" Outlook
Live update on servers always on
BBlog on Maxthon
Idea: When hovering over Medal, display Ribbon info box.
Option for Automatic Cloud Saving
Ribbon/Medal Hightlights
Theme tutorial
Platoon Friends
You need to install the browser plugin first
2 New ideas
Function to have plugin options
Recon: time to kill/bullet to kill
User Friendly Theme Maker
Posting new thread doesn't autoadd it to favorites.
I can't get BB to work on my version of Chrome. HELP!!!
user radar not saved on chrome
Quick match side menu.
EA ServerStatus
[REQ] New Battlefield links?
Can we please increase the friend limit?
Error when downloading addon for chrome
Add the ACB-90 to the weapon switch
Primary Platoon Friends catagory request.
Torchlight II
Can't allow players to join platoon without inviting them.
k/d and w/l per map
Banners in Platoon pages
Com Center: always minimized
Premium assignments
Display weapon kills/hits ratio
BF3 Server details
Battle Report - team tickets score total, please.
Huge graphical glitch with unlocks page
Chart of weapon accuracy
Show My Filtersets while filter options are minimized
Placement of the BBlog options button
Theme Optimization Suggestion.
Hide irrelevant maps filter
Weapon accuracy plots almost all completely broken.
New columns on report page
Pressing ESC should reset weapons/vehicles filter
Friendly names in Custom Plugins
Right click
Translate All
Custom Assignments
Mac OS-X compatible version
Userradar and display
Disabled Platoons
Engineer weapon tab
No more +50 colonels
HowTo - BBLog cant be updated / not visible
Edit saved filter
Rename saved filter
Exceptions in the signature
Include Updatefunction to Addon
Enable/Disable Custom User Plugins
is it posible the change hard coded images?
Custom Filter Design Flaw Fix
Dice Friends
UP or DOWN in top%
HowTo - Change Background with BBLog
over 100 kills, but doesn't show top %
Weapon missing in list
platoon stats (v.2)
Friend list
Display Bug on Double XP (French Battlelog only)
Post to Facebook
Extension Name to long, Profile could not be saved
Platoon Stats
Detect browser's language
Bblog just doesn't load sometimes
weapons comparison chart
Post to Facebook (Request)
time/kit wheel in white box on Dark Theme battlereport button link error
Bug at damage/distance graph
Radar bug
Weapons Statistics/Unlocks page, filtering.
Issue w/ icons on top of the battlelog page
Weapon/Vehicle/Award shortcut not working.
User/Serverradar and the new feature
Kill Death Ratio For Individual Guns
can't use the downloaded file.
You already installed the newest version for your browser.
vehicle service stars
German BBLOG 2.0 Video
Icons are false displayed
Hits to Kills Ratio
Server List -> Filter Minimise bug.
Weapon Statistics -> Equipment Bug
Weapon Statistic -> Kit Filters
Server List -> Favourite and Blacklisted server sort.
Right Click functionality
Radar changes and updates
[FIX] Line break in wall/platoon posts
Browse servers by tickets to the end
Mark an Weapon
Map on server page
Show platoon members on servers
Vehicle service stars progress bar
Premium user with premium knife in stats
Theme wanted
Can't join servers
Theme BlueOrange Official Version v1.0.5
Vehicle Unlocks accurate description
Change Background image
Close Quarters
My plugins collection [Update 21.11.2012]
Turn the premium image on the main bar into text
Battlelog wont auto install
Change Background Plugin
Non-Premium Battlelog for Premium Users
no visible buttons in battlereport
SPM Per Battlereport
Plots of some weapons are incorrect.
Cant Import from Cloud
Add option - gamemanager always minimized
Friend Groups
problem with inline YouTube videos
BBLog no longer works as of latest update for CoolNovo
Save settings on Cloud with Autoload
I have a problem With the Plugin
EA Serverstatus
Add server on "blacklist"
Google Chrome 21.0.1171.0 Dev not supported!
Link to BetterBattlelog Homepage
adding shotcuts
Platoon Emblem upload thru BBlog possible?
How many kills you get with each weapon in the batte report
Class selection by unlocks
Create your own Plugin History Maintenance
Regroup assingnments
Time to kill and bullets to kill in shotguns
Player was not found.
BBLog 2.0 - Icon Align
Battlereport PremUser Problem
Idea for new statistic with each gun.
Platoon with auto accepting invites.
Button fix/Button add
French translation
To see how high in the global ranking is the player
Two buttons on each in battle report.
About vehicle stars
Forum Signature Filtering (Discussion Thread)
Problem with the vechicles ranks (unlocks)
Close Quarters Weapons/Vehicles
Region (Set Region) does not save!
Faster deleting from personal Battle Feed
Some buttons in the down of screen.
A few battlelog tweaks that should be considered
Battle Report Bug
Let us minimize this eye sore...
I want to see nothing about premium accounts!
Most played maps
Minimize New ComCenter
BBlog Still not working after 1.9 update
BBLog 2.0 - New Battlelog - New Ideas
BBLog not working for new Battlelog
Battlelog Down - BBLog show online users :-)
Another small grammar error/Unclear text.
Teamspeak Viewer
Need Help by my Design
BBLog version as class in body
Board Rules
No Videos allowed in Signature
Soldier portrait.
L96 probably buggy?
Became a Translator!
BBLog Developer wanted!
Small grammar error
Error Golfo del Oman
Theme Request
Link to BF3 Stats Battle Reports
how many kills to next service star
Change graph's x-axis
Option to hide (uncommented) attachment unlocks in feed - The Moose in the Web
Battlelog chat log
server history
Interesting YouTube videos
Flame Radar Improvements
Metal and Symphonic Music
How did you hear about BBLog?
BattlelogPlus (Add-On)
A few ideas
Favourite Class & why ?
HS/Hits ratio per weapon or HS/Shots per weapon
Better Battlelog on Opera.
Donation Option?.
Hello BBF! :D
What was your first ever Mobile Phone?.
Unable to find "Edit Forum Signature"
Rules for Themes
Diablo 3 - Who's gonna play that stuff?
Radar extension: GoodList and BadList
More information in server browser
Can't open link in new tab
Rank/Level in Com Center/Friends list
CSI: Battlefield 3
localization in Chinese
BF3Stats Multiple of Single Ribbon in a Game + 1 Other Thing
Enhanced Local User Radar: User Tagger
Portal 2 New DLC
New Symthic Webpage
Dog Tags Taken
I want to see full servers in the sever browser
Two petitions - battlelog forums and vehicle's service stars
to see flags controlled by each team when you choose a serve
Bullets spread under suppression
Battlefield 3 Customization Editor
Weapon Attachments
[battlelog]Empty/blank chatbox
avatar (provide url option)
How bout a better iphone app
BlueMetro DeluXe
Srollbars im Server-Browser
Unable close language selection
(PS3) - [SD] SWAT Division / Mature / International
Small visual error upon editing a post...
[Feature request]:Player Platform Icon
Country Pictures missing in Region Filter
Max Ping Filter?
HS/K % Wrong
Avoid using !important
Theme Updater
Better Battlelog not showing up
HowTo - Create your own Theme
Mini-log Theme
Shortcuts for Theme Developer
optional Signature
Forum BBCode Buttons - Missing
Hilfe zu Themes
HowToFix - Better Battlelog Center Icon not visible
[BF3] Dark Theme Blue
64 bit
Battlefield 3 - FXAA injector
Battlefield 3 Tool(s) - Software
Better Battlelog causes Firefox to crash under Win 7 64 bit
Images on platoon descriptions
Centering text in the BBLog forum
Forum request
Text formatting in Platoon description
What's your favorite gun?
getbblog -Talkthread
Private Message (PM)
Another RM-click function.
betterbattlelog is not updating
Battlefield 3 GUI Concept 2.0
Doesn't work, at all.
Hi hi!
How to hide gun and UI to make stunning videos
Battlelog Live Scoreboard - Now available for everyone
Battlefield 5 on Google Glasses
Battlelog Dark Theme
[Retired] Glow Theme
Need to install Plugins
Battlefield Friends videos
Zusätzliche Kategorien für Fahrzeuge, PDWs und Shotguns im "Unlocks" Bereich
DICE employee attachments ausblenden
ticket filter
Battlelog Einträge nicht löschbar
Indian Servers
Guide for Bug/Error Reporting
help with name change
Add all weapon used in match on Battle Report
Server Browser
Missing Weapon data
Highlight friend on scoreboard preview
% damage on Torso
Friend Request..
New Patch
campaign 5 "i compagni"
Tank damage stats
comments about friends
Repair tool and defibs
Player checker
BF3stats top rank.
Exportfunktion (export function)
Support for other browsers
Nemesis medal until completion incorrect
Filter servers by ping limit
Servers with modified vehicle spawn time visible
Hardcore servers
More Favorites
Auto Refresh
Signature Stability
IE support...
banlist import
DICE Developer Hunting
Ammo Use by Gun
Service Stars
Bf3 stats doesnt show up
list with names players killed by knife
Forum - Link creator
iPad 2 iPhone app
Choosing whether filter settings should be visible
BF3 Stats Integration selective updating
My Filtersets keeps disappearing
Regarding the new integrated BF3Stats.
Dog Tag Taken
Fahrzeugaufteilung wie Waffenaufteilung
Erweiterte Spielerstatistiken
Battlelog nicht verändert
extended weapon/map stats
Latest patch!
new jet idea
server notes
ComCenter Freundesliste
Ribbon Total on Report Screen
Statistics Graph Errors
Design/BF3Stats Grafik
HK53 -> G53
M26 Mass
Favourite weapons
Queue place in the page title
Firefox Mobile Support
Fixed #base-mainheader Position
Weapons stats error
Awards Page Layout
Platoon Friends Servers
Inline Youtube Videos
Safari support!
Platoon Statistiken
Server radar - radar icon not visible until server selected
Firefox und WIndows 7 Freeze
I am getting kicked by Punkbuster
Platoon player stats
Flash Suppressor missing for L96
Color Table Lines
Platoon presentation with embedded flash videos and BB code
Multiple Youtube Video issue in Forum
Disabled Platoon
Forum Signature
Problem add friends
Forum threads mark if started by flame user
Videos of all sights: iron sights
Please read
No Wapon accuracy plot
Gun attachements LMG
youtube embedding overlaps bottom battlelog bar
Server Filter Profiles
Youtube Video Overlapping Text
Bessere Serverinfo
Kampfbericht "Beste Waffe"
Submit to Chrome Web Store
BBCode für Better BattleLog
Nicht kompatibel mit Seamonkey 2.8
Small weapon stat error
Forum Signature
Can't start BB Addon
filtering improvement: exclude empty servers
Go To Top
Weapon Spread
weapon attachment
add a bullet drop chart for sniper rifles
bug in the Minor Improvements / Allgemeine Verbesserungen
Kopieren fürs Contextmenü
Forum Rechtsklick Flameradar/Zitieren
Max Platoons/Friends
battle report videos
YouTube Inline Video in Profile
Graph Plot Attachment Options 2
Graph Plot Attachment Options
G-18 Missing
Favorite server count
.44 Magnum
change pc version of battlelog to ps3
On the weapons tab, pistols sub tab. The G18 and G18 suppressed does not show up. It is in the "all" sub tab, but not the pistol sub tab
Server Favoriten
Links im Forum in neuen Tabs öffnen
Writing a message in the platoon by fans.
Forum support
unlock progression BF3
all kinds of suggestions
Appear Offline While Playing
Server Radar/Ser Radar
Opera Browser
More sever filters for playercount
Problems with party and server invites
Community Blotter
Remembering passwords for protected servers
Private Message
Make weapons/unlocks in the battle report clickable
Option to hide the forum
Fan a platoon- Showing a list of platoons I've fanned or more then 3
Platoon top players - showing more players & stats
Inline Youtube Video as Link
Time left
vehicle service stars
External Lists for Server / User Radar
Bullet drop comparison pictures
Some kind of grouping/sorting for "switch to other weapon"
permission chrome
Clickable links everywhere
Darstellungsprobleme mit custom Battlelog Skin (Stylish + Dark Theme 1.08)
Country Flag
Medals already earned
Board optimization
G18 supp does not display in Weapons / Pistol tab
Class Service Star Progress and Award Sorting
Additional weapon sorting
Shared Banlist
Falscher Hochschlag für .44 und Scoped .44
Bug ribonn Team death match
Spread minimal/maximal
Additional Platoon Stats
Movable button
64bt version
PBBans/GCC Stream importer?
List competitive platoons
Graph plot with attachment
weapon filter
Platoon server list
Show platoon members on servers
Translate to Polsish
Remove Auto Add To Favorites
Dog tag progress
Battlefield 3 Ballistics
The translation from English to Dutch
Description of the page
the maintenence medal point to the medical ribon
Favourite Threads Translation (English)
Translations into other languages.
Feature Request: More detailed information on Battle Report
More detailed information on player stats pages - amount of collected ribbons / medals
Firefox 10 Update
How do I launch Better Battlelog?
ENTER key submit the filter popup
Remove the DICE store banner from Battlelog home page
Forum Feature
Platoon image
Right Click Improvement
Inline Youtube not working properly
Hey, I found a bug that should be quick and easy to fix!
Add Inline Youtube videos: platoon presentation
Sticky threads icon color
Weitere Informationen für Erkennungsmarken
Thread Favorites
This tracker: suggestions popup covers the input field
Auto update serverlist doesn't work for popups
Time to kill/Bullets to kill
Updated browser plug-in
Award Improvements
Bullet damage
Support for Comodo Dragon browser
Hey, thought I'd help you with the Plot Info description...
Maintenance medal mismatch....
Weitere Waffenstats.
SHOW online platoons' members in battlelog
Better BattleReport navigation/Favorites
Bug bei den Auszeichnungen
Ribbons Improvement
Awards - medals & ribbons layout
F2000 Sniper Sights/Scopes Videos
TDM and TDM winner Ribbons are misplaced
Chart transparency
Context Menu
Medal Percentage, and sorting
Inline images!
Subject menu brauchen
Option for automatic server refresh when filter changed
Slot filter
Paket ist ungültig
More options for platoons
auto update for the radar with database of cheaters
0.97 wird nicht mit ff 10 beta angezeigt
Userscript support
List of radar users/server
ribbons/awards/medels up close
Ping Filter
Addon not loading after restarting browser
Stats for the pistols
Favorite servers
Additional stats from bf3stats
Userradar / Serverradar edit
Global Server and Player Blacklist
Com Center / Server Filter
Nightly support?
Always hide server filter option.
Userradar Userimport
Server Black List
Userradar und Friendlist
Schnelles Spiele nur mit LowPing?
Inline Youtube Videos
Import von Banlisten ins Userradar
NoScrip Add-on blockiert Funktionen
Funktioniert nicht in der Sandbox
Offline User im Com Center
Forum und Links
Informationen bei Waffenstatistik
Addon Update
Youtube Bug in Forum "Musik beim Zocken?"
Local Userradar
Frage zu Waffenstatistik
Comparing weapons