[Request] Dark Materialdesign Theme - Better Battlelog Forums #129721

Hello everyone,

since I'm a huge fan of customization in generell I came across the idea of having a dark/greyish Materialdesign theme. Let me know if you like this suggestion :)

For BF3 or BF4 Battlelog?
I would say both BF3 and 4 but that'd be too much as a request. So BF4 would be totally fine :)
mhh noo. i dont like this idea.. and won't create something like.
the way which internet goes is lite, simple design, bright colors and no "materials".

but maybe somebody likes your idea and will create a theme :-)

hope you'll find something nice :-) why don't you create a own theme which you could share? :-D
If I had the knowledge I wouldn't ask you guys.
Maybe I'll find the time to learn everything but right now I'm too busy :(
Now I'm converting my Hardline theme on BF3 Battlelog. And when I will do it, perhaps, will be engaged in your.
this is a bit OT, but what happened to the dark wood option in the black shadow theme? i fell in love with that and now is no more there...