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Shows extra cheating info in battlelog profile. (BF4 only)



Thanks to BF4DB.com and xcu7e, who has written an API for this plugin :)
well done!
thank you ^^
Thank you!! :)
How do I install this plugin ?
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pvtjohntowle-MoH wrote:
How do I install this plugin ?

If you have Better Battlelog already installed you just need to copy the plugin link, click on the Better Battlelog logo -> General Improvements -> Plugins, copy&paste it into the text box and press Enter.

If you don't have Better Battlelog get it first from here:
and after the installation you do the steps above.
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I don't see any Plugin Menu under General Improvements

bandicam 2014-01-08 10-06-22-153.jpg
[file=113494]bandicam 2014-01-08 10-06-22-153.jpg[/file
Just move your mouse over the general improvements menu and scroll down ;)
Addition to Pun1a's comment: You need to scroll because you have "Scrollable BBLog Options" activated.
OK guys I have this now working in Battlelog thanks for all your help
What do I copy and paste? I cant find it
KOMORA wrote:
What do I copy and paste? I cant find it

Install Better Battlelog -> Hover over Better Battlelog log in upper left corner of Battlelog -> General Improvements -> Click on Plugins -> Copy the URL in Pun1a's comment -> Paste it into Plugins -> Hit Enter -> Press F5
Pun1a, can you fetch others player's usernames with this API too? BF4DB's API have any type of documentation?
Portuguese language

"pt" : {
"cheatometer.cheatpossibility" : "Possibilidade de Uso",
"cheatometer.moreinformation" : "Mais Informação",
"cheatometer.erroroccured" : "Erro!",
"cheatometer.playernotfound" : "O usuário não está no ranking do BF4DB.com."
Is it possible to get this to display in the platoons members list?

Could be useful for detecting hackers in a platoon! :-)
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it doesn't work with bf4 and bb 4.9.1