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bblog is not working for me (it installs normally, but it has no effects on the blog page)

i am using firefox 23.0a1. (probably is something related to this)
Firefox 23 is still in developer version state so we cannot make sure that BBLog does work 100% with beta/developer versions of a browser.
that is fine.the fact is that everything worked fine till i updated to 3.5.1 from 3.5.0, and I didnt find anywere a way to roll back to the last working version (at least for me/my browser-3.5.0)
Older versions than 3.5.1 also not work properly anymore.
We changed a lot in the API so it is required to have 3.5.1 that all is working fine.
So, a rollback make no sense because it's even not working for you.

Use a stable browser or wait for a new BBLog update. At the moment, we can't do anything for you, sorry.