[BF3/BF4][v2.6.2]Hide Forum - Better Battlelog Forums #80453

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This plugin hides all traces of the forums.

Based on this request:

Feedback and translations to other languages will be appreciated.

2.6.2 - prepared the plugin for BF4 (
2.6.1 - updated forums menu item
2.6 - added french and spanish translation
2.5 - added options and made translatable
2.0 - blocks access to forum
1.1 - removes forum from feed
1.0 - initial version - removes forum from menu

You can install this plugin from the plugin gallery:

Github repository:
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translations : {
"fr : {
"plugin.name" : "Masquer le forum",
"dont.want" : "Vous ne voulez pas vraiment y aller", //without the dot
"anyway" : "Mais si vous changez d'avis, ", //in translations, leave the space on the end
"here" : "cliquez ici",
"option.menu" : "Masquer le lien vers le forum dans le menu",
"option.feed" : "Masquer les discussions du forum dans le feed et sur le profil ",
"option.block" : "Bloquer l'accès au forum",
Thanks! I will add it soon.
translations : {
"es" : {
"dont.want" : "No querrás entrar aquí",
"anyway" : "Pero si de verdad quieres hacerlo, haz click ",
"here" : "Aquí",
"option.menu" : "Esconder el foro del menú de navegación",
"option.feed" : "Esconder el contenido de los foros del registro y perfiles",
"option.block" : "Bloquear el acceso al foro",
Thank you! Added both.