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Hello dear community,
I have a problem with the Uploade of my Or logo for our clan.
It always comes an error message
"ERROR 500: Internal server error" ...

Thank you apologize in advance if you help with

Ps: all this was written with the Google translator.


Hallo Liebe Community,
ich habe ein problem mit dem Uploade von Meinem Bzw unserem Clan logo.
Es kommt immer eine fehlermeldung
"ERROR 500: Internal server Error"...

Ich danke euch schonmal im Vorraus wenn ihr mit hilft
Does this problem still exist?
If yes, please add the image you want to upload as a attachment here.
I'm also not able to change the image of my platoon, this link ( is giving "BROKEN". Help please
That script is not working any more, due to DICE patching Battlelog, it hasn't worked for some time now.
Unfortunately, DICE have permanently closed up the ability to upload your own images.

As such, development my script is stopped until such a time that I (or someone else) can find an actual solution which works for everyone (which is unlikely to say the least).
Thanks, If you get something that changes the picture of my platoon, answer the topic here!
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I have not found anything, if you can put:
- Picture ""
- Platoon ""
talesbt wrote:
I have not found anything, if you can put:
- Picture ""
- Platoon ""