Placement of the BBlog options button - Better Battlelog Forums #1876

Ok, this has been bothering me since it happened and now I even took the time to register on this forum to complain about it ;)

No big deal really, but since i work on websites a lot the placement of the options buton for BBlog is just bugging me. That spot in a menu is where 99% of website users expect a menu item that takes them to the home page, not some settings of a plugin. To me that's just bad UI design. I'd suggest you place it after 'Forums' where it belongs if you relly feel it deservers a spot in the sites main navigation. There is no marketing reason I can think of for you to justify the hijacking of the Home button location.

That being said, thanks for this absolutely great browser plugin! :D
You should visit the "BBlog Settings" -> "BBLog Options Icon at the right of page instead left"
Nothing more to say :-)
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