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I like the way this plug-in incorporates into it, but I'm having connection issues with it. Over the last couple of days has become so unstable for me and others I have talked to that it is almost pointless using. At this point it wont even load the graph at all in Battlelog. I have disabled it for now, maybe someone here should bring it to their attention that they need to upgrade their web hosting provider or something. I made a thread about this issue in their forums a few weeks ago, but it was ignored and the problem still persists. If this problem isn't resolved soon you might want to look over at this site:

They seem to have a lot better stability and I almost never have trouble with it.

Keep up the good work!
Spam. Rejected.
I wasn't trying to "spam". I was simply stating that has had an ongoing connection problem for months. What is the point in adding them to this plug-in if most of the time the graph/stats won't load? Did you even read what I wrote above? Nevermind, I will keep it disabled.
I readed, i tested and i tested
Also, not works for 5 tested users, no data available. This is a no-go. works good for me, every time. Sometimes it takes some seconds, but it works always.

It's better to have a working graph that need sometimes a bit longer than usual, than a service that don't have ANY data for a player.

This sounds more like your internet connection is unstable. is hosted in Germany with very good international connections:

I guess you are somewhere in North America where is hosted. This might be the reason for your good connection to but not to

But most of our users are from US and I never got complains about bad connection, except from you?
"But most of our users are from US and I never got complains about bad connection, except from you?"

I'm not going to be drawn into an argument over this. If you say it's working then fine. All I am saying is that I have been having ongoing issues with the site. Here are a few other similar issues OTHERS have posted on your own boards. Perhaps you missed them?

Based on your description I assume you get one of those errors:
- 1. Connection lost by your browser
- 2. Loading for ever (longer than 30s)
- 3. P-Stats error message with Error reference
- 4. Error occurred while loading history. Try again later!, But other stats date has been loaded

1. Internets fault
2. Internets fault
3. Our servers fault
4. Our servers fault

So what is your error?

I'm aware of all those error reports and they are all solved.
Well, As I said in my initial post "At this point it wont even load the graph at all in Battlelog". I'm referring to the history data graph that is supposed to be displayed on the stats screen. It attempts to load and looks like it finishes, but nothing is displayed, the entire area is blank where the graph is supposed to be.

I'm using the latest version of Chrome. Perhaps it is a cache problem on my end. LOL

Anyway, I'm done with this, maybe it will fix itself soon. Thanks again for this plug-in and for the work on
Just for the record .... yeah, this did turn out to be an issue with the cache in Chrome in case anyone else has this problem, No disrespect to either BBplugin or They both do a remarkable job and are to be commended! I still have occasional connection issues with but they do a good job overall.

Thanks again for the work you people do on both sides!