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Battlelog for BF4 has a updated server browser with some annoyances at the moment.

1. The filter select window doesn't "remember" to show on loading the server browser page if you had this unfolded before, you have to press the down 'arrow' every time.

2. If you sort on 'lowest ping first' you have to press that everytime you refresh the server browser or reload the page.

Is there any way you can implement fixes for these annoyances in BBlog? Auto-sort on lowest ping, servername or playercount should be as simple as implement an autoclicker function on the desired row.
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It's possible but actually both things sound more like bugs from battlelog.
I will wait some time before i do some "fixes" in battlelog. It's to early because they working, changing and fixing things every day.

PS: Maybe you get lucky and a plugin dev will make a quick plugin for you.
It did work in the BF3 side of Battellog so it indeed could be a bug or incomplete feature.

We just have to wait and see what DICE does about it then :)