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i am requesting inline imges, nothing much, just a way to display offsite images inline.

This is impossible, for the reason that its impossible to know if a link is a image or not. Also 80% of imagelinks are image-services that contains a complete webpage instead of the image itself. Also when the imagelink ends with a knowing extension like as "png, jpg, gif" etc... its not guaranteed that it is a image behind.
Retrieve the image with the extension, and rewrite the post with the image?
I know that can be done, i have used a plugin that did just that...

Thanks anyway.
This will produce so much traffic, i definitly not want to load all links on a thread page.
Just calculate this with 25 posts on a page, every post contains a HD image, eg. a "show me your best bf moment" thread. Every Image has size of > 1MB.
And than you have a traffic over 25MB for one page requests.
And this is only calculated with direct image links instead of image services with a complete website behind a link.
This is not a good idea :-)
PS: When you pay for traffic, eg. with mobile internet sticks, you have a problem.
So, enough reason to not include it.
Well, if it is like you are saying here, you are not really open to solutions that will work really,
you could add something like a button next to the link, when pushed, shows the image in the link inline (if it's a valid image in the link)

What i am trying to say here, is that it had been nice with fewer clicks when browsing the forums, i really hate to click image links, opens in new tab, close tab etc etc :-)
I know that kind of problem with image links.
Its a good idea with a extra button to show images, if the url seems to be a direct-image.
I will think about it.
That would have made the battlelog experience much better!

Thank you! And great work you have done btw! :-)

Have a nice day!


Thank you for implementing this feature! Much appreciated! :-)

No Prob. Its disabled by default so every must self know what load impact this feature has.
Have Fun :-)

inline images isn't working on profile pages, only works in forums

inline youtube videos is working on profile pages and forums

firefox 9.0.1
Yes, thats right, for this reason its under "Board Optimizations".
I don't add support otherwere, cause of huge load impacts and possible layout breakouts.