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I'm trying to add the Teamspeak Viewer sidebar like on BBLOG on my gaming community website.
The only downside is it's always open I would like to be able to hover over the Teamspeak Icon and it display like BBLOG does.


This is what I have recreated so far minus the js code which makes it hide and display when on hover.
If someone can help me achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated.


1. Use the JS framework jQuery, it's the easiest to start with
2. Make the jQuery online tests - try.jquery.com - This will help you in solving your problem alone and you will learn so much for further website development.
Can you help me this once with the simple task that's really all I want to do at this moment. I'm not attempting to learn much cause I have my hands full with my 9 month old son. If you could assist me with accomplishing the one small task I would be greatly appreciated..
It's not a "small" task. It all depends on your specific homepage layout and html content and for that it requires a specific script.
Can I ask nicely I may be able to donate $10 or $20 for a bit of help.. I can provide the website link if allowed if nobody can help I guess I can make it a sidebar block which looks tacky I like the style of how it glides out from the side when hovered or clicked on much cleaner.
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renamed and moved topic.
pls choose in future a good title, so everybody knows what you want.
This are different topics. This guy want to integrate just a sidebar in his homepage. Has nothing todo with BBLog
ups sorry, missunderstood. moved back.

an answer for your topic:
why aren't you using CSS3 with an hover-function?
Somthing like you want, but just in css (you need to polish something, but the base is here):
sorry internet company crapped the bed on me the entire weekend I was without internet thanks for the help Nano that's close to being what I'm looking for..