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Isn't it just annoying when you find a server that has a bunch of clan stackers, or just two friends owning the whole round in their chopper? Well, a way to fix that would be to set more specific server filters, such as max rank/KD on server, max kills on a specific weapon (don't want to join a server with too many M16 "pros") or simply just filter out servers that are just about to end (ticket count.) You could even search for servers that have a certain ticket count: say you wanted a really long game of Metro 64 players. You would search for the servers with 2k tickets and above (and obviously with 64 players) filtering out anything less. Same goes for all maps. The following may seem a bit tedious as well but more details about a server would be great, such as "How many people in this server are in the same platoon?" A lesser/higher number would determine the "level" of clanstacking/pub-stomping going on and make the game more enjoyable for the average player. No one likes being baseraped by a platoon of good players. If this is taken into consideration, the future of this feature could really make a difference to the balance of the game; pro people want to play pro people because they like a challenge, and vice versa :)

The programming for all this would not really have to require creating all the specific filter options; just allow the BBLog users to create the specific filters themselves through some kind of template. Eg, I would have something like the following:



In all honesty, if this could work, it would be a pretty awesome feature for BBLog :)
When you created it, honestly, why do YOU don't upload it in custom Plugin area?! :D
The idea is great, but other people already asked for it.
We don't integrate such things because that requires a lot of extra requests to the battlelog server.
Also some more things stop us from do that work.