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What do you think about the new maps and new weapons?

I think the maps are good, only on 16 players servers, i have a lot of fun with 16 players only, i dont know why there are servers with 64 players, its worst than metro!

The new weapons are good, specially for Close Combat situations, i dont know why there is a lot of people complaining about these weapons when they are effective only at close or even mid ranges in some cases. i still do prefer M16A3 or M4A1 on all situations close, mid and long ranges.
I have premium but i currently played 5 minutes since few weeks :-)
So i can't anything about that. Flamers are everywhere, especially in BF3.
The maps ain't that small as they said, that's a good thing. You get lost in them when you turn a wrong corner, maze ftw. :-) Nah, I like them.. it somehow reminds me to my COD time especially Conquest Domination, lol.

The weapons.. what can I say? I LOVE THE SPAS!!!1! And the other weapons are also quite good. The M417 is rubbish as the other "spray" snipers, no one shot one kill. However the second sniper is B-E-A-UTIFUL.

The whole package is great, can't wait for armored kill etc. They've done a great job in Sweden. :-)
yeah i like em too i think its kind the same as tdm