When will I hit Colonel 100? - Better Battlelog Forums #100452

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Firstly started as a funny joke of me and my friends I had finally developed a plugin, that calculates how long it'll take to reach Colonel 100 based on your score per minute.


Greetings to Jumpy who gave me the idea with the tooltip

Here is the URL of the plugin:
Wait, Gold star? its not a golden cookie?
thats awesome :D
It would be also cool to see how long it takes, based on your total account time (since you have the bf3 account). To see how long it will take for me when i play not 24h per day.
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For example what i mean:

I have my account since Oct. 2011 (about 20 months) and i have now rank 75.
I reach lvl. 145 in approx. 20 months (at Feb. 2015)
can u bring it back online ?