Theme and Plugin Preparations for BF4 - Better Battlelog Forums #108455

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Hi all Theme and Plugin Developers!

BF4 is coming out soon and next week all get a closer look into the beta also.

Also BBLog will be available for BF4 Battlelog in the beta, maybe.

So, to make sure that all user's have the best experience with BBLog it is required to prepare and "rethink" your themes or plugins. Please consider this tipps and do some optimization if required, for your theme or plugin to be optimally prepared for the new BF4 battlelog with BBLog.

Theme Tipps:

If you have developed a theme for the current battlelog, it will probably destroy the battlelog in BF4.
So make sure that you use specific section selectors for each battlelog section.
For example you can add new css rules for BF3 only with just using the Html-ID selector as the root element. This code just apply in the bf3 section of the battlelog.
#base-bf3-html .someotherclass {background:black;}
Official BBLog Themes are already splitted for the different Battlelog Sections.

Plugin Tipps:

If you have developed a plugin for the current battlelog, it will probably destroy the battlelog in BF4.
So, make sure that your code only change things in the BF3/MOH:W section and leave the BF4 untouched until the plugin have specially been developed for the new section.
It's simple to made this, just use the code snippet to seperate code for the sections
if(BBLog.cache("mode") == "bf3"){
// only in bf3 section
if(BBLog.cache("mode") == "bf4"){
// only in bf4 section

Please spread this to known developers to prepare us all for BF4.
cool! thx for info.