Maybe, i re-consider an extension for BF companion and the new forums... - Better Battlelog Forums #156606

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Today, i took a deeper look into web companion and the new battlefield forums.
And it definetely reminds me to the beginning of battlelog.
The service is not optimized and missing a LOT of features.

So, there is a lot of potential to improve it. And also with 2.5k online users in the forums the userbase is quite big.

Should i start making something like "Better Web Battlefield"?

To be honest, i don't know what i should do...
I think that everything what keeps BBLog "alive" is more than welcome! :) So IMO, yes.. please change, add or create it.
BBC - Better Battlefield Companion :D
I'm here if you need!!
i cant help on a developmental state but i would LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE a web companion that lets me check the bf4 CAREER I HAVE IT HAS THE OPTION BUT IT SAYS ITS COMING SOON BUT THATS BEEN OVER A YEAR I FEEL DICE AN EA GAVE UP ON US BF4 PLAYERS AN I FEEL AN HEAR ITS A BETYTER GAME THAN BF1 SO YES GUYS HELP MAKE THAT DAMN APP BETTER MY computer caps locked at wierd times but im not retyping this sorry
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ohh wow :-D this topic is about two years old XD ignore my first answer :-D