Rank/Level in Com Center/Friends list - Better Battlelog Forums #1697

Would it be possible to incorporate an icon indicating the player's rank when displaying them in the Com Center? This has the potential to be very request intensive. It may be worth while including a few options for request intensive services. The Com Center seems finicky, it may be worth while using battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/aUsername/friends/.

Another idea would be to create a tooltip box with the rank icon (and other info?) when you hover over a friend's name/avatar in the Com Center or on any other pages where players are linked.

Cheers, Megosh
i think it will not be released.
the biggest problem will be with players wich have more than one soldier.
There some more problems with that.
One ORFK already told - Another problem is that this feature require some additional requests - One for every user, which is simply a disaster.
There some ways to do a workaround with less requests (bf3stats) but it can heavily increase the load of their server too.
BBLog is not designed to overload any server's - So this is now rejected.