M16 is gone - Better Battlelog Forums #108144

I heard in a video that the M16A3 is canceled in BF4. Only the Burst-M16 (M16A4) may be in BF4. If you understand German watch this:
In this video you can see the M16A3 is burst-fire only (I guess it'll be renamed in M16A4).
I do not really mind. The M16A3 is imo an easy weapon for tools. Battlefield 3 has so many awesome weapons to use. Maybe we are finally going to see some diversity.
I want to say sth, 'cuase you may misunderstood me. I don't like the M16A3 at all, because i think its too powerfull. But I don't freakin out on that point
(that the weapon is not in the game)
, because I know that
BF4 is a NEW
! So, I only wanted to had it basicly said. Not more, not less.