Appear Offline While Playing - Better Battlelog Forums #1496

Hey you, first of all, great work and well done. i really like and enjoy your extension.
i was wondering if it is possible to integrate a feature which makes you appear offline in battlelog while you are playing on a server..
sometimes i just wanna play by my own without friends following me or telling me to join teamspeak.
i wish it was simple as it is in steam, just switch on " appear offline! " :P
that would be a really nice improvement.
besides that i am 100% satisfied with the addon!
I think its not possible. When you in Battlelog and Origin you are compellingly online, you cant switch to invisible or offline. This must be done by EA/DICE.
i´m using bblog not so long but its very very cool ^^

but i´m still searching for a way to play on a server and no one see me playing in battlelog, but this would never happen i think, privacy is still a big issue for ea / origin.
like brain said, we have no possibility to change settings and data wich are generated by battlelog to others. we can just modify the data wich YOU see, not what your friends see.