Borderlands 2 - Better Battlelog Forums #1992

Anyone pre-ordered or will play it?
I love borderlands
I will :)
I forgot, i pre-ordered, also i will :-)
I'll get it, I liked the first one :) Not sure about pre-ordering but I'll get it for sure.
It will be region locked in my country, so...
Very great game, tried it and i think it's better than the original.
brain wrote:
Very great game, tried it and i think it's better than the original.

Handsome Jack is killin' it with his phrases :D
Really, great dialogs. But my favourite is claptrap.
Sooo, now - After ~30h of gameplay i must say that it is a very, very good game. Better than the original in all things. The whole system is pure motivating.
For all that think about a buy, buy it.
For all that want to add me to steam (maybe for some coop)
It's awesome, they improved it in every way, but I feel like they didn't really add anything new, which is sad, since the first game was a huge risk and a lot of ppl were saying it's gonna fail.

They totaly should have implemented Diablo 3 loot system, because playing with strangers through matchmaking system must be a pure evil, even with friends it's a ninja loot all the time.
Is the singleplayer better now? I barely played the first one alone because it was very boring (at least for me), so I played it entirely in co-op.
I only played single in borderlands and now in borderlands 2 but i definetly gonna try the co-op out soon. So yes, i love both story modes.
The story is full of black humor, sarcasm and really bad/good jokes.
Anyone has the DLCs for the first Borderlands? I've been thinking of getting them for ages but never really went a head and got them.
If you have them, are they good (singleplayer)?
I have the GOTY Edition with all DLCs. That's what DLCs meant to be. Very big, funny and completely new content in all DLCs (except Moxxi DLC - It's only the moxxy dome area). That's the reason why i will buy mostly all DLCs for the 2nd part of borderlands.
I played the first one through 3 times on xbox with a friend (game corrupted his character while saving so we had to start over after 40h of gameplay). Got the ned, knoxx and the claptrap's revolution dlcs and those were great, although pretty easy if you start them at lvl 50 or something like that (except crawmerax).

Afterwards got the first on ps3 with the dlcs and played them through again. Didn't start 2nd playthrough due to pondering whether I should do the stupid "collect lots of these rare items" trophies in the revolution dlc or not. Moxxi's dlc was pretty boring and didn't waste my time with that. You'll probably get the game of the year edition pretty cheaply nowadays (contains all dlcs).

Started borderlands 2 and it's as good as the first one. Nothing really new, except them explodewhenreloading ammo wasting annoyances, tediore weapons. Love the style still, and the humor. Single player mode seems way too easy, at least in the beginning. I'm only at lvl 15 (with 3 characters) and just rescued that one dude (to not spoil anything). Zero doesn't seem to be a fun single player character at least in the beginning.. again... you can single shot headshot most enemies with sniper on any character.

Liking the badass ranks lots. Preordered my game so waiting for the 5th character. Think I'll get the season pass (access to all 4 dlcs for price of 3) eventually.
I am currently at lvl 35 in the second game mode. The single player is quite harder when you reached lvl 30. And the second game mode is also a bit more difficult.
The cool thing is in borderlands, the game scale with your level. You can kill the boss with lvl 25 or lvl 30.