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The current player radar only checks if a player is on your chosen server.

I would like to see the players which are on my radar in the
just like they were in my actual friendlist.

You can easily bypass the new privacy settings by checking the friendlist from a friend of the actual player.

Thx in advance!
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Em, i don't see a improvement here.

The simple question is, why you should have players on your warning radar when they are in your friendlist at the same time? Do you have friends that don't really are friends? Some quirks in my head.
no, he wants to have playes in the com center, to see on which server they are playing. these player doesn't have to be in his friendlist. he simply wants to stalk people with the radar function. thats the only reason for me, why he wants that these radar-player should be showed up in the com-center.
Ok, i misunderstood the first post.
It sounds like hunting.

Also this is exactly the Extended Friendlist Plugin

BBLog doesn't support both things, other "friends" in com center and stalking.
well i think he wants this request for stalking, i see no other reason for it..
but anyway, i follow brains argumentation.
Thx for the support! Extended friendlist is exactly what I looked for.

Many of my friends already have 100 friends in their friendlist so that plugin is the only way to quickly join my friends.