Cant sort to see only Shotguns/Pistols/PDW anymore - Better Battlelog Forums #1930


After the patch i cant sort to see only the pistols/shotguns/PDW on the "Weapons" tab.
The buttons are gone
Guess you guys are already aware, just confirming.

BB 13.07.2012 - BBLog 2.2.1 released
Chrome 21.0.1180.75 m
by me everythink works well...
have you installed plugins or other addons?
I have also the B+

Its weird, i tried on firefox and its working

On Chrome that is with problem, i tried to cleaning the cache, cookies and desintalling it, its weird that even when the extension is not installed, it keeps showing the BBLOG options.

Any hint on what i can do to fix that?
So if B+ is not activated you can select the weapons?
I just reinstalled the Chrome and now is working fine.

Really appreciate ur help ORFK!!! Tks a lot for ur time! xD