Custom Assignment suggestion: 100 kills with each weapon - Better Battlelog Forums #1938

Since there are so many weapons to choose from I decided to challenge myself to get 100 kills with each one of the hand-held weapons. I currently have at least 100 kills with every rifle, smg, lmg, pistol, shotgun. The only ones I'm currently less than 100 are IGLA, Stinger and Javelin but I'm getting close. It's a fun way to thoroughly experience each and every weapon!
My stats aren't impressive but here is the link if anyone's interested.

100 kills, all weapons but the rockets. (Smaw and RPG completed)
I'm trying to do the same but I am still far, epsecially with pistols.
I am an IGLA fan, anyhow ;)
In my opinion 100 kills with each weapon is way to easy. I had that month ago.

But here is my suggestion:
Small arms Master
- get at least 100 kills with each handheld weapon (inkluding stingers, RPG, M320)
- get at least 500 kills with each weapon (Weapon Master Dogtag - except explosives, vehicles, pistols)
+ get 10,000 headshots

Should be hard enough to challenge most :)

Working on the others :)