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Hello,there !

The Show Assignments by DLC plugin works fine for me (im using Firefox) , but my Idea is to have a few Icons
in the Screen to toggle between completed & incompleted

like this:
assignment plugin idea.JPG
perhaps between both by the different DLC`s .
Dont forget , there are coming 3 additional DLC`s and each of them brings new assignments to the Battlelog !
so it would certainly be somewhat easier to maintain an overview.

Thx for any response.....Bub3812....XboxOne..User.
Great idea! I will look into it.
Thx for your support , hope you can find a way to bring it together with the working plugin .
that would be awesome , but i believe in your skills .
Would you prefer having it as an option in settings or as buttons on the page?
it sounds , you found a way to do it .
for me it would be better to have it as little buttons on the page , perhaps like the buttons on the weaponstats

thx for working on it ...!