A little break for the BBLog Developer - Better Battlelog Forums #94506

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Hi Community,

i just want let you know that BBLog will not get new major updates until the new Battlefield 4 is out.
BBLog still have tons of features and it's still powerfull.

I need a bit of distance to this project to earn new power and ideas for myself.

I only will release bugfix releases (if it's required) without new features.
BBLog stay online, all services keep up working, only myself go a bit in the background.

I hope the whole BBLog Team and Community can give enough support in that period.

No Panic, i'm here, always, to check if all is working fine and running smooth.
ok brah, peace ^^
Bring a cookie to jumpy when you come back :D.
after a long time you can do that :D
good and a recreative pause ;)