SCOREBOARD+ DOESN'T WORK for BF3 - Better Battlelog Forums #156850

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I activate some add on options together with 'scoreboard+' add on in bblog options gallery in Chrome for BF3.
Other add ons started working after a F5 refresh but scoreboard+ didn't work.
I closed and opened back chrome instead of F5 refresh, that didn't help.
Any ideas? please help...
Thanx in advance.
afaik battlelog for the bf3 version got updated and the needed information for this plugin are no longer available.
With other words, this plugin is not and will never again work.
Thank you MrFixit for your quick reply...
this was a very useful feature of bblog and the original battlelog. It was a real time saver to see whats going on in game, scores, etc. without joining the server.
May be you or another plugin developer can rewrite the plugin and make it work again ?
IMHO, BF3 will be played for long as it is different and some ways better than BF4 and BF1.
Thanx again...
I wanted to say that it's no longer possible to do this.
They (creators of battlelog) changed things and the information you need for this plugin is not available and so we can't so anything there
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ok, I looked at it again.
It's still working, BUT there are two things you have to check.

1) Because Google Chrome disabled NPAPI-Plugins you need to use a different browser then Google Chrome, I tested it with Firefox.
2) In your profile settings you need to uncheck the box "Use plugin-free game launching".

Also check whether you have the Battlelog Web Plugins installed on your computer.

After that do a reload of the page and the plugin should work again :)


EDIT: Firefox also dropped the NPAPI support, the Internet Explorer is still working with this though