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Currently I have Firefox version 25. I have had bblog installed for quite a while and for the most part has ran really good. However, I am not sure if it was because of a recent update or not, but the integrated weapons stats are not showing up for me(Some other features might be missing as well but unable to tell). What can I do to make sure that Firefox is fully compatible with bblog. I have been through the following troubleshooting steps but have been unable to get bblog to work completely.

Contextmenu doesn't work

Goto Firefox Settings -> Tab "Content" -> Click on "Extended" beside "JavaScript enabled" checkbox -> Enable the option "Disable or replace context menus"

Possible Solutions when BBLog is active in addon manager but doesn't work on battlelog

You must allow firefox to create history. Goto Settings -> Privacy -> History -> Choose Allow/Create (Required to store/get your BBLog settings).
Goto your addon manager and deactivate all addons except BBLog and try again.
Try it with a real fresh firefox profile. Therefore close firefox, press + R and launch "firefox.exe -p". Here you can create a new profile.
If it's still not working, goto our board and ask for help.
If BBLog work in general - At best you can check it with the Theme Switcher, if this work with a choosen Theme than BBLog is fully compatible.

And what do you exactly mean with "stats not working".
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Well, i noticed that BF4 Extended Weapon Stats currently not work for anybody.
A battlelog update destroyed that feature.

Will be fixed soon.
Sounds great. Glad to hear it is not just me.