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The button is no longer there for me to upload an emblem when I go into the emblem editor. Yes, it is checked in my settings as well and toggled it on and off a few times. Is this a bug with the new battlelog update or is there something wrong with my addon? I have tried it on Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox.
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pls give me a Link to your Platoon or your Platoon ID.

-ok i think thats a bug. have the same problem.
Here's the link to my platoon:

It has the old emblem still up, I'm no longer able to upload another as you saw.
yes.. as i said, i think thats a bug.
we will check it.
Well keep me posted, would be nice if it was a base feature of battlelog itself. Dice logic.
Hello Guys. I have exactly the same Problems:(
mine doesn't work too :(
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