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It didn't end up the way I was hoping it to be. I wanted it to seem like the option was integrated into the platoon settings itself, but in order to make it work across all platoon members you would have to do some extra steps anyway. (For those of you who don't have a code editor, I recomend
It is very simple to use.)
So you are gonna have to make some adjustments to the code yourself. The only thing that you should have to adjust is 'isPlatoonMember', 'badgeLink','imgSource', and 'toolTip'. Once you have that to your liking, everyone who is in the isPlatoonMember array will have something similar to the DICE badge next to their posts and profile. I tested it with a list of 86 members and it worked just fine; I can't imagine 100 being very bad. Make sure to share your own modified version with the rest of your platoon so that you can all see it!

Download this script and make your adjustments:

(Download link at the top right.)

Instead of putting your platoon members in by hand just use this script:

Go to your member list, open up the console (F12 in chrome), and copy/paste the array it gives you. If it doesn't show up as a list of names, refresh the page.

Enjoy :)


Updated template to include the badge region on the stats page and added bonus platoon feature. (Founders get a highlight to their messages when posting in their own platoon.)
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I thought about something similar few months ago. Your is surely better then mine would be. It looks awesome!
I saw that here:
I figured since quite a while has passed since that post that no one was going to do it.
I edit the scipt and uploaded @ Dropbox to use it. But it dosnt work.

var isPlatoonMember = ["ZeRoHuNt3r", "EFG-sandfire", "EFG-TOOo_MAD4YOU", "XiaoIong", "EFG-I-rule-you", "ThorStain4r", "ScHaBBii", "Amonarth", MasterSpec", "ShredderSummer"];
var badgeLink = "'http://www.efg-clan.de/'";
// URL or URI is accepted for the image source. Keep in mind that a URL makes HTTP requests.
// URI Generator:

var imgSource = "'" + "http://www.efg-clan.de/include/images/usergallery/img_5.gif" + "'";
var toolTip = "'" + "http://www.efg-clan.de" + "'";

What do i wrong.