Medal Percentage, and sorting - Better Battlelog Forums #1401

looking at the source of the Awards page, the progress bar they have put behind each medal is represented by a number 0-100.
could you maybe put this at the top of each medal. I like to know how close i am to getting something, and not just a general 'almost there'.

also, could you sort the medals? it seems very weird that the MVP ribbons & medals arent together etc... It makes it very difficult to find something, when you have to mouse over each image and see what it is.
I will add the percentage number to each medal.
But a sorting of medals is a heavy job, many people requested that medals overview is annoying.
I think i must do some improvements on this page.
I don't know what i will exactly integrate, but anything is coming, like sorting (as you would), mouseover highlights or so...
Keep watchin for updates.
Is now included since version 1.1
I see you somehow sorted the ribbons and medals. Can you sort them this way
? I think it's best this way because the class specific and round type specific awards are together now and it's much easier on the eye to see what type of player someone is.

Of course this shouldn't be top priority and if it's too much trouble, don't bother with it.
Thanks for the idea, but this is truelly to much work :-).
And i think it does not matter which sort is choosen, everybody must know where the place of the medals/ribbons is. When i use your sorting, also nobody - except you - knows which ribbon is on which place.
For this reason it's to much work for a "nearly none" improvement, but thanks for your graphics and idea.