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I have a multi-monitor setup, and I keep battlelog open on my right monitor. Constantly, when I move my mouse from the right monitor to the middle monitor, it happens to pass over the BBlog options bar (above the teamspeak bar), and open it up. It's a bit distracting, and I have to go back to the right monitor, and move the mouse underneath the bar so it doesn't open it up.

Can you please add in an option to make it similar to the teamspeak bar, where it will require being clicked on in order to open rather than automatically open when your mouse passes over it. Much thanks!
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The option already exist.
Just goto BBLog Options Sidebar -> Better Battlelog -> BBLog Menu opens with a click

Wow, I even looked through all the options looking for that. How did I miss it? Yeesh, alright well thank you. Haha sorry for the wasteful forum post.
NP :)