Chrome disable all extensions outside of Chrome Store in 2014 - Better Battlelog Forums #110761

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Well, this news is pure evil for BBLog.
This news means that BBLog will not longer work on chrome when they change this.

I don't have a Google Dev Account, i don't want to pay for a Dev Account and i don't want to change BBLog especially to fit the horrible TOS of Chrome Apps.

In any way a catastrophic thing - Let us hope that chrome add a option to allow us this in the future, with a opt-in or something like that.
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I got an account there. I'm not sure, but I think I can add other members of a "development team", so you could update it. Another thing I've read out of the text is that you can still install extensions from outside if you've enabled the developer mode on chrome://extensions (enable - install - disable)

yup, looks possible.
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The account isn't the real problem - The TOS are more the problem. BBLog do not fit that because of plugin support (script injection), external api access, hotfix possibility, etc...

And the text means that LOCAL installation is possible - That means you must extract a zip file to your hard drive and add the extension via that local data - No auto update possible.

Read the shitstorm bellow this text, the shitstorm wouldn't be if the installation is still possible in dev mode :)
It sounds a bit strange but you shouldn't care about the TOS that much. My developer account is really old and I have a few extensions published (Never had issues with publishing new ones, while other developers had... Seems like mine is on a whitelist or sth). It is a try worth it.

Oh, I missunderstood it then. There basically were no comments when I read the post...
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Chrome mostly had the same TOS as Firefox.
And BBLog didn't fit Firefox TOS in the past - Not got approved because of that i already said.
The thing is also, i have 2 versions - Release and Dev Channel - Double complicated.
A other thing is, when bblog get through the validation process and for some reason somebody find a TOS violating thing in BBLog it get blocked and nobody can use BBLog anymore.

Crap over crap in any way. I hate google every day more.
Really need to switch my whole google things out of google.
Well, that doesn't sound too good. I guess the only way (starting January 2014) without local installation is to use another browser based on Chromium?
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@Brady: No.

As I said, trying it out won't hort. The extension here has a different ID than the one which would be in the play store. This means BBLog won't be disabled for everyone. Also, Adblock and Adblock Plus, the most used extensions for Chrome are loading from URLs (filter list). It does not happen everytime you visit a page, but the thing is it IS happening every 3 / 4 days. As long as you do nothing evil and the user can decide what he wants to do BBLog should be fine.
If you have Skype, feel free to add me under the same name as here in the forum. We can test publishing it in the webstore then.
Dev and Stable version is no problem.
thats google.. a big shit but too improrant so they didn't care ^^
Thx kurtextrem, but i have many other reasons too why i don't want the extension on the web store.
I be sure, for 50%, that google not deactivate all possibilites to add external crx files.
But, let us wait until middle/end of december.

PS: Just for the note, loading simple data from urls (JSON/XML) is NOT the same as loading <script> tags from external, untrusted urls (plugins). Anyway,lets wait until dec.
BrainFooLong wrote:

PS: Just for the note, loading simple data from urls (JSON/XML) is NOT the same as loading <script> tags from external, untrusted urls (plugins). Anyway,lets wait until dec.

Yeah I know, but that's not interesting because the plugin itself doesn't load anything without user's instructions. Only because there is a possibility to add scripts it doesn't mean it is not allowed (see Adblock).