External Lists for Server / User Radar - Better Battlelog Forums #1477

User can add "external lists" to User Radar and Server Radar , like "lists" in "AdBlock" addon.
User can subscribe from sites who update this lists, auto update it according to site owner.

XML with tag like , , , , , .
= Update time (weekly or x days)
= Radar List or Server List
= User_ID
= Server_ID
= Soldier Name (username for desc)
= Server Name (for desc)
= List Provided by Sitename
LOL, LastPass troll me... :(

Change Subject to "External Lists"
Thanks for idea, but as i often enough said: Any auto-updating feature will never be integrated. I explained it multiple times.




Not talk about PBBans or GGC, but talk about your list.

Maybe if your addon have an option to "sync with list X" and an site (or user), upload this exported list/xml to your site, other user can downalod automatically from this site. It's about make easy users share radar /playerlist.
I know what you mean but my statement be the same.
No plan to include any automated upload/sync/global or any of those techniques to share.
One of the reason's is simple, every user and software use there own technique to match bad users.
And user generated lists are 80% and more fail interpretation.
This end up, in every possible constellation, in a massive disaster where most players and servers shown as "bad" after a while. No way.