BlueMetro DeluXe - Better Battlelog Forums #1675

Hi all!

Click for a bigger Image:

Version 1.13 BBLogEdition now available

Mor infos about, u find here:

My ToDo List [Updated]:


PS.: I hope everybody can read my english :D
hab den bblog button angepasst.
hoffe es ist ok.
English ...
Only English?
my english is too bad :(
but i transform my text with google :D

Hi people!

I've designed a theme, which I would like to share with BBLog.

Here's a little preview of my home screen:

Unfortunately I don't have userStyles, so it would be very nice
if someone could help me.

Modified your message so it would be readable for everyone. :-)

BTW, looks very nice.
Now i have a userstyles account and everbody can try it.

please tell me what you like or dislike or what u think that i can make better :)

No bad. I can't get it to work though :\
Dendari wrote:
No bad. I can't get it to work though :\

same with me
The Style dont work? oO

if u mean the graphics:
the problem is that my hoster is currently offline :(
i dont know why but i read that the hoster was hacked.
i make new uploads!
Maybe you can attach the css file directly here in your first post? Than could everyone test it directly with bblog. If you want it so...
Gh0zTFaC3-NS wrote:
The Style dont work? oO

if u mean the graphics:
the problem is that my hoster is currently offline :(
i dont know why but i read that the hoster was hacked.
i make new uploads!

Currently this is how it looks like:
so, now it should works, i hope xD

good idea.
need bblog this code in css:
@-moz-document domain("")?
no need for this special code - It's a stylish specific thingy.
ok thanks.
attachment online now in my first post!

thanks f0r your patience?!
BTW. Use inline data-uri instead of external images. Than you don't need a serverhoster for the images.

A free online uri converter:
I tested it. Looks fine BUT the BBLog Center Icon change is crap.
Please let the original.

Tested it me too. No bad at all. May you could try to make more things (like buttons, bars, etc) more rounded?
round buttons on my do to list and will come with the next version :)

this themeversion 1.00 is only a base of a theme
but with all your ideas and wishes we can make a good theme
for all i think.

so i hope that everybody tell me what he want or what i can make

thanks to all :)

i designed the theme with google chrome and now i tested it in firefox.
i believe i must die :(

only bugs... everywhere...

Sorry @all, i will clean this so fast as i can.

So now all Mozilla Problems fixed and my theme is now also available for chrome/mozilla.

sorry and have fun!
Looks good.
At weekend i'll add this theme to the bblog theme list.
Do you want that? If yes, just make sure that all known bugs are fixed until 29.04.2012

ok nice one thanks.
one bug is the "Sonar" button, but isnt a problem.
at 28.4.2012 i upload the first official theme.


Can u delete the latest 21 posts?
I know its your time but noe is the theme official.

Much thanks
No - I don't delete any posts.
You can create a new thread with a new title - Than i rename the old thread title.
ok no problem. you are the admin ;)
no, a new thread is too much. thats the thread of my theme
and its ok.
So - Do you want this theme now integrated in bblog?
yes sir :)
ComCenter Hover-Problems fixed
in NEW Version 1.05 !
Theme now integrated in BBLog.
This theme actually violate our rules for theme creation. Please check this.
Which Rule? oO
You got a private message and a new sticky thread in this subforum also show you the problem.
All Areas and Buttons back in v1.08

Now u can find a Link to my "ToDo List" for this Theme.
Did u have a idea, please post it. i will add it and see what i
can to.

v1.10 Online!

For more Information please open the Changelog
(u find the Link in Mainpost).
Version 1.11 now Online!

Check this out *bounce* xD
You got a private message about some violation.
Removed this theme from the featured list. Its totally outdated in mostly broken.
If you want to see it again in the list it must be updated.