Couple of Minor Things... - Better Battlelog Forums #1997

Couple of very minor things I though I would mention as I saw there is supposed to be an update released tomorrow ....

The user radar "target" is not centered on the users profile page anymore. Target need to come down a notch or two.

Also, is there anyway we could have better battlelog save the page "sort" preferences on the servers history tab? I like to have my servers sorted by number of players on the servers, but when I navigate away from the page it resets this and I have to click the tab at the top again to sort when I return.

Like I said, minor things ;)

Thanks again for all the hard work you people do with this plugin ...
First, thanks for reporting.
Second, i guess this was always available in battlelog, but since a few time ago i doesn't work anymore.
I think DICE need something to do. I wait some time for it.