Additional Enhancements Plugin (Previously knows as "BBLog-Remove-Buy-BattlePacks") - Better Battlelog Forums #133895

Removes various elements in BattleLog. For BattleField 4 Only.
Previously knows as "BBLog-Remove-Buy-BattlePacks"

Github Link:

This is a new plugin which is an expansion of "BBLog-Remove-Buy-BattlePacks". The old plugin (BBLog-Remove-Buy-BattlePacks) will be retired and this one will take it's place.
This plugin includes the option to remove the "BUY BATTLEPACKS" box in the Battlepacks page and the option to remove the sidebar in the landing page.

Original Thread:

I expect more features to be added to this in the future.
It doesn't seem to remove the battlepacks yet :P
Yeah sorry about that. I coded it but did not have time to test it. I just tested it now and published in the Plugin Gallery. Admin needs to approve it first though before it becomes available.

It also took a little longer because i wanted to consult the admin about renaming the plugin.

Bottom line is that i did not want to maintain 2 plugins. Plus whats the point of 2 plugins when 1 can do the job of both.

Anyways it's waiting for the admins approval right now.
Also waiting for the admins approval is the deletion of the old plugin.
Shall I rather use the file from here (when it's published) or the one from GitHub? Does it matter?
Well you can take the file from GitHub if you want until it gets approved.
Also I still need to figure out how to implement the tile hiding. Such as the premium box for example.

Do those tiles usually change?
I'm wondering should I make them hide by name or by number in case the content or order changes.
Meaning should the option be to hide tile #3 or the premium tile?
Any news?
The initial version was already approved. I can develop any new features and publish them now.
Well, you could finally implement removing the battlepacks like the original plugin did, and all the crap on the main Battlelog page.
Well right now there are 2 options. One to remove the buy batteacks and the other to hide the right side bar in the landing page.
I see what the problem was now. The version from GitHub didn't do much at all. After I installed the version from here it worked.
Added a new feature that removes the tiles below the 'TOP STORY' in the
landing page ( Check it out.
Can you add an option to remove that huge banner "buy Hardline" please?
Defiantly will do. Hopefully by tonight it will be done, but I will notify you once complete.
The new version is now live. Check it out let me know if there are any issues with it. Thanks.
Thanks. Seems to work just fine.