Userscript support - Better Battlelog Forums #1391

I don't see why this has to be as an extension, which uses more ram, slows down the browser itself.
It could've been done as "simple" userscript with no mentioned side effects.

With userscript it could've been used on almost any browsers.
I never said that it is impossible with greasemonkey or other userscript. But my way is a addon, so its not the place to talk about the "why it is so" here.
Also for userscripts you need some addons which slow down your browser.

Feel free to create your own script if you dont like this addon.
Don't need to get into defense pose here, it was just a simple request...

Mark a rejected request as "Done" is....a lie.
Sorry, i misunderstood your "request". But you wrote "has to be", it sounds like i said that it must be so. I also just explained my oppinion.
In this "tracker" there is no rejected state for a request, also i marked it as "Done" because it needs no more "focus" for me.