EA rented me a malfunctioned server then temp ban from battlelog to cover up. Real pros. - Better Battlelog Forums #104877

I am very disappointed that EA employees trolled their own forums to cover up malfunctions.
Next time be honest not greedy. Now you lose customers. Preorder HA. A joke?
Why you post that in our Bug Report forum?
We not EA/DICE and have nothing to do with that companies.
Waaaaaaaaau, I already had zero respect for EA...
Apparently it fits in the bug section if hackers are sabotaging EA's servers.
Why if they know this they still take the customers money?
Oh yeah greedy. Thanks for the lesson. Ill go with ibis oft or call of duty.
Bf4 keep it.
i doesn't understand what exactly happens.. have you a link? something better explaned?
not because it would be our job to do something (it isn't) i just want to know the story
I rented a server that was malfunctioned.
I then went onto battlelog to express that it's
Illegal to continue to rent these knowing their tampered
With from hackers. To continue to rent is fraudulent.
So they banned me after trolling my thread and threatening
Me with violence. Maybe they owe me money for this. Gotta
Check California books to verify. Isn't this battlelog also?
No, this isn't Battlelog.
you should go with your problem directly to the EA Support.
The Battlelog board (and THIS getbblog board) are the wrong places.