filtering improvement: exclude empty servers - Better Battlelog Forums #1522


It's great pleasure to have such app for battlelog! I admire with your app especially the way it done!

Can you please add filtering ability to exclude catigories of servers filtered by free slots number from resultes? Is it possible to do the way like it is realized for "DETAILED"? It would be nice to be ably to place just X in font of "Empty" to exclude empty servers from list.
It would be nice to have the same for other filtering options but it isn't so important 'cause choosing of some options there is equal to excluding of not chosen.

Thank you for your work!
There is no such way to exclude things. It must be done by DICE.
But you can filter for all except non empty when you enable all except empty.
Same for other usage. But a combination of include/exlude isnt possible.
thank you for the respond, Roland.
it doesn't work such way in "DETAILED" search if i want to see all servers matching my criteria except empty: you can not see full servers if you use filters as you advised. But if you don't choose any filtering criteria you get tons of empty servers at the top of your search results.
As i said, i cannot handle your request.