Spread minimal/maximal - Better Battlelog Forums #1460

The only other request I could find was in German, so I'm not sure if this will be the same as his :P
The spread maximal is mostly universal at 3.0, but the spread minimal can change depending if your stationary or moving.
Example: the MG36 minimal spread while stationary is 0.4 (which you show), but when moving this changes to 1.5.
Regardless still an awesome browser addon! thx for your time :3
Yes i know.
As you can see at the Plot, the data is only for Standing - Zoomed - No Gadgets.
Hi Brain,

I just viewed an older bblog video (Rel. 1.07) in youtube where spread minimal and maximal values are showing up in the Weapon Accuracy Data Plot.

I'm missing these values in my plots.Is something wrong with my add-on installation or have these entries been deleted from the bblog plot or from Symthic data in between?

In the in the weapon comparison list they are missing too. I checked the change logs from 1.07 upwards but i couldn't find something.
This numbers are removed for a better overview.