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Hey there,

everytime i hit the server refresh button the browser position starts at the top, while the interesting part, the new servers, can´t be seen in windowed mode or can barely seen in fullscreen mode because the new servers are way down.

So here is my request,
an option to set the browser position after serverrefresh at the top of the new servers or better a little bit higher and not at top of the page. Since the chosen server settings are already configured you only see the refresh button and the new servers and don´t have to scroll down every time you hit the refresh button in order to see what you just have refreshed.

Here is a screenshot where it might be positioned.

refresh position.PNG

Have fun murb
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I tested out a few things and was not able to create something similar to what you are mentioning. Maybe, with a little more work I can make this functional but don't get your hopes up.
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ah ok, thanks for testing - but keep on trying ;)

where are the good old html anchor points in modern web programming - hehe.
ah great to see it implemented. thx!